If you are in to your social media and love keeping up to date with Twitter and Facebook, then this is the browser for you! RockMelt has been created to make the web browser more complete and is based on what people are using the Internet mainly for – Social media.

Do you want to try out the New RockMelt Browser?

Earlier today RockMelt Beta was released here and you just need to sign in with your Facebook account and wait for an email with an invitation to use RockMelt.

RockMelt Features

If you use Google Chrome then you will be able to switch over very easily as RockMelt is build on Chronium, the only differences are that there are columns running down the side of the browser. On the left side of your RockMelt browser you have your Facebook contacts and on the right you have your bookmarks.

With your Facebook contacts on the left you can add your favourite contacts, share links with them, chat with them and do most of the normal things you do with Facebook without actually heading to the site.

RockMelt isn’t just a browser for Facebook, you can update both your Facebook and Twitter accounts, plus with the built in Share button, you can Tweet about various sites, videos, photos and things you find on the Internet. On the right of the browser, where your Twitter and various other bookmarks are placed, RockMelt will soon be rolling out further social media add-ons, expect YouTube, Flickr, Stumble etc. in the near future.

RockMelt is the first browser to be fully backed by the Cloud, so this allows you to access your preferences anywhere; all you have to do is log in through your Facebook account. If you use a certain website often then RockMelt will log that site and then alert you when the site has been updated.