is going head to head with Oracle in the database market. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) specialist revealed the world’s first enterprise database made for the cloud at the Dreamforce user conference in San Francisco.

What has been termed, the ‘relational’ database, will be available on the market come 2011 – through a subscription rather than licence. The solution is open and flexible to just about everything – it can be used with any app, in any language, on any platform or device. Next generation (mobile and social) apps are easy to build via the solution too.

87,000 customers use today –, will be using the same infrastructure and technology. Services on this cloud enterprise database will include database access, file storage, automatic administration and as many as 50,000 transactions and twice as many records every month. £6.35 ($10) monthly for every set of 100,000 records beyond the initial load. The same price again (per month) for every 150,000 transactions going forward.

Chatter is also being offered free of charge to all of’s business users. Chatter is a popular collaboration platform for employees, via the company’s private and secure social network. Automatic updates are sent out on people and projects, and more. will charge each user £6.35 ($10) per month and covers security, user identity and authentication. Over 60.000 companies have deployed Chatter since it’s launch – so it seems the pioneers of the cloud will be secure for a good price, and our social network will be along for the ride too.