If you are inundated and drowning with emails you may have despaired that you would never find a way of regaining your life. OK, Google introduced its priority inbox but that was merely another way of allowing Google to scan your content and a lot of people backed off warily.

Now, however a potential knight in shining armour has come over the horizon in the form of SaneBox. Using sophisticated algorithms SaneBox sorts out the wheat from the chaff and prioritises emails according to how you work. What is more, SaneBox works with almost any email system permitting important emails into,your inbox while filtering other mails into a SaneLater folder.

Apart from being up and running with SaneBox in minutes the web site outlines other benefits including:

  • Five levels of email importance
  • SaneBox uses five levels of email importance which allow you to quickly organize your emails. You can choose to use these levels to finely-tune your email workflow or you can let SaneBox do everything…it’s up to you!

Social network refinement

Although SaneBox has impressive accuracy out of the box (needs no training), you can help refine its effectiveness over time by connecting to your social networks. SaneBox analyses your strong relationships to determine what email must get through, and what can wait.

SPAM folder monitoring

Unlike other email programs that treat the SPAM box as a black hole, SaneBox routinely monitors it to make sure that you don’t lose any good ones. SaneBox keeps you sane by monitoring over time.

Defer your email until you’re ready

Some of our customer’s favourite features is the ability to defer email until you’re ready to act on it. Place email in theSaneTomorrow folder today and SaneBox will place it back in your inbox tomorrow. Place email in the SaneNextWeek folder and SaneBox will place it back in your inbox next Monday. Stay sane about less important email and still receive it in your inbox when it is time to act.

If you are one of those people who expect everything on the web to be free you are in for a disappointment as the service costs $55 a year but if SaneBox saves as much time as it says it does then you will recoup that subscription many times over in time saved and there’s a free 30 day trial to take advantage of, too.