Following Google’s decision to wield the axe on communication and collaboration tool Google Wave developers and users are hitting back with a Save Google Wave web site.

To many people the decision to pull the plug on Wave came as a surprise, not least to the developers who had started to build third party apps that could utilise the Wave platform and the other users who signed up when Wave was added to Google Apps. It has to be said that in the few days the web site has been up there has only been 20807 people who have clicked the Thumbs Up button as of Monday afternoon and I think the campaign is micturating in the breeze but once these things go viral …

So, what can you do to try and make the Big G change its mind?

  • Follow the campaign at @savegooglewave
  • Retweet Save Google Wave tweets from the Save Google Wave web site
  • Get the campaign on the front page of Digg
  • Email your friends
  • Buy some fairly naff T shirts or buttons!
  • Contribute to the how Google Wave saved my ass section

Contributions to the later include:

“I am a Theoretical Physicist and I use google wave for collaborating with my colleagues who are in different places around the world. Google wave has to be saved … it is such a brilliant tool … unfortunately, badly advertised (not at all …). A lot of people would quickly realize its potential and the way it can really change collaborative working in a positive way.”

“Google wave was going to revolutionise the way students, lecturers and researchers interacted at university. The extensible nature of wave allowed it to be the glue that brought many aspects of day to day tasks together in one place. There is nothing else that allows you to collaborate so easily, with an ever changing group of people, while embedding a variety of content such as links, videos, equations, documents and images. Wave may not have been suited to the average Joe, but it was just starting to appear useful to ‘for-profit’ organisations. Google have missed out big time by cancelling wave before such businesses could asses, test and implement Google wave on their Google apps domain. 2 months of public release was not long enough!”

“I convinced my advisor to use GWave to collaborate on my master’s thesis, papers, and so on. I also made a Google Docs Apresentation showing how grad students could use GWave for papers. I’m very very devastated! please, SAVE GOOGLE WAVE”

“I use the wave as a way of communicating with my friends and officers of an association that I am in. It has been a lot easier than email to keep up with and helps other people working together more.”