Running a business is tough and money always seems to be tight. But there are many ways that you can save money in the office by making just a few simple changes. Here are five of the best ways to start cutting back on costs today.

1. Hot Desking

If you’ve never heard of hot desking, it’s the trend of sharing desks in the office. The idea is that you allow your employees to work remotely from home on some days and come into the office on others. That way, employees only need a desk on certain days, and as a result they can share desks. This saves you money by cutting down on equipment and furniture like computers, desks and chairs. At the same time, you could even save on your rent by moving into a smaller office. As an added bonus, employees often enjoy the flexibility of working from home, so you could find that this helps you to attract and retain better employees.

2. Stop Wasteful Printing Habits

One surefire way to waste money in the office is to spend money on unnecessary printing. Is anyone in your office still printing out emails? Stop them! What about documents that could easily be shared electronically? Sort it out! A completely paperless office is still a pipe dream for most offices, but you can easily cut back on your printing costs by only printing absolutely necessary documents.

3. Buy Used Equipment

Do you really need everything in your office to be brand spanking new? You could save a fortune by only buying furniture and equipment that is pre-used. Desks, chairs, shelves, filing cabinets – there’s no end to the things you can save money on when you buy them second hand. Not only could you save a lot of money, it’s also a great way for your business to help the environment.

4. Change Suppliers

Have you been using the same office equipment supplier for years? There may be other options out there that are cheaper and better. If you’ve not checked the competition for a while, make sure you do. You might find that you can make a regular saving simply by switching suppliers.

5. Save Energy

Save money while saving the planet by cutting down on your energy usage in the office. Switching to LED lights, turning off the computers at the end of every day and keeping the heating low are just a few ways to save energy and money in the office.

More Ways To Save Money In The Office

These five tips are just the start. There are plenty of other ways to save. Switch from local backup to cloud backup and avoid having to pay for equipment and maintenance; use free and cheap tools like Google Drive rather than Microsoft Office; outsource to experts instead of hiring full-time staff. By adopting just some of these simple changes you could make huge savings for your business. Get started today!