If you’ve been a user of screen sharing software for a while now, you’ve no doubt discovered several benefits for companies that save you time and money. In general when people think about screen sharing software and its benefits, they note how it allows users to share information on their computers with other users of the software.

This benefits companies most, because a lot of work needs to be shared within a company, and of course time and money should always be saved in the workplace where possible. But what about some other users of screen sharing, such as private individuals and students?

Screen sharing benefiting companies

In a nutshell, screen sharing software enables companies to conduct business meetings virtually from multiple different locations, whether it be in the same city, state or even country. This means that a company with offices in New York and California can both be viewing the same presentation made by the same person without having to fly the presenter from one location to another. This saves the company time and money and allows the presenter to only make the presentation once instead of multiple times.

Good software also offers the option of recording the screen sharing, which allows employees who missed the meeting to view it at a later date or time instead of needing somebody to take notes, which may be incomplete or hard to understand – as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and what better way to explain something than show it to them visually.

Benefiting college students

Many college students are required to participate in group presentations. In these presentations, one person normally creates the presentation slides, but all members of the group are required to present. For this reason, this software can be used to share the presentation slides between members of the team and have everybody in the team viewing the same slides while discussing the presentation. Furthermore, when college students are assigned to a project in a group, screen sharing enables the group members to meet online and work remotely on their project and presentation files together in real-time.

Benefiting individuals

For many people, sending documents over email is too much of a hassle. The question “What if they don’t have the correct software to open this?” is the most common issue. Or on the other hand, “how much do I need to write in the email to explain this document to them so they can find the right information straight away?” Screen sharing software allows the user to show the document to others without worrying about formatting issues or any other issues that may come up.

If you have other experiences of screen sharing software for web presentations, please share them with us by leaving a comment below.