Do you want better results from your search engine marketing strategy? Then maybe you need to change your approach?

The first page of results on all search engines is made up of a number of different types of content including naturally SEO’d web pages to pay-per click advertising. However, does you internet marketing advisor explain that there are at least 4 other types of content that could get you on the first page and in many ways, depending on your business, they could much more effectively exploit the search engines algorithms and make you more visible on the first page.

SEO and PPC not working?

You’d be surprised how flexible and cost effective they can be when compared with traditional SEO and PPC. The primary opportunities are:

Images: Correctly named and tagged images can get your product visible on the first page for the right search phrases and we all know that a picture paints a thousand words, this can also be true of image results.
Shopping/Products: Are you price competitive? Then take advantage with the likes of Google Shopping results that can put your product or commodity in front of searching consumers right when they search with price comparison – easy pickings!
Video: Need to present what you do to prospective clients, use a video and better still for key search phrases put it right in front of those who search for the solution your service or product delivers
Local: Customers want stuff now, and on their doorstep. A map tells them you are real, where you are and what you offer

All of the above techniques can drive far more traffic than either PPC or SEO if used correctly. If you haven’t been made aware of these opportunities then just maybe your internet marketing company isn’t quite as helpful as you thought. Are they working in your best interests or theirs?