If you choose the best keyword research tool it could spell SEO success for your site and make all the difference. Copywriters and content writers are in the habit of doing keyword research before they start writing. It could assist you in determining specific keywords that must be optimised in your content for boosting the visibility of your site. If you are wondering when and how to start the keyword research process, no need to panic as you have access to several effective keyword research tools that come to your rescue.

Google Keyword Planner

The best tool to use while initiating your keyword research is the Google Keyword Planner. This tool has been crafted for advertising and promotion. However, it could be pretty effective in determining organic keywords simply by customising your results for a competitor. You need to enter the service or product, product category, and the competitor’s landing page. You need to go about customising your search for specific types of keywords.

With Google Keyword Planner you would be:

  • Searching & finding new keywords and also ad group ideas.
  • Getting traffic forecasts meant precisely for any list of keywords.
  • Getting search volume for any precise list of keywords.
  • Multiplying keyword lists for getting new keyword ideas.

You must focus on keyword ideas, as well as, ad group ideas because these could boost SEO. Be attentive about existing competition, average monthly searches, and any other accessible metrics for determining relevant keywords for targeting. Just in case, you are thinking of doing PPC and SEO together, Google Keyword Planner is the way to go as it would be assisting you in determining the better keywords for targeting organically or along with effective advertising. You may use ASIN Spector that is known to be the most effective keyword as well as the product research tool for Shopify and Amazon.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is supposed to be a relatively new tool presented by Moz that is known for adding a whole new dimension to keyword research. Along with difficulty and volume, Keyword Explorer is known to offer:

  • Importance: How crucial the specific keyword is to any campaign?
  • Opportunity: Relative Click through Rate of all the organic results appearing on the SERP.
  • Potential: An integration of all the keyword metrics for helping you in prioritising.

If you have been able to come up with your list of keywords by using any different tool, you could conveniently upload them at once to the Moz’s Keyword Explorer for getting a more in-depth analysis so that you could start prioritizing. This could come up with an effective Search Engine Optimization strategy much beyond keyword research.


SEMrush is a hot favourite and highly popular keyword research tool. This tool would be providing you with both the short and also the long-tail keyword research, along with solid data on keywords meant for both organic traffic and PPC. SEMrush provides important data regarding the number of searches diverse keywords are receiving, CPC AdWords price, how many results each keyword actually has, and also the precise competition level associated with the keyword. SEMrush’s effective keyword research tools are free. However, if you are thinking of tracking keywords, you would require upgrading to a fully paid account. SEMrush is just right for carefully browsing through the competitor’s landing pages for brainstorming your content optimisation.

For any website to boost its business and retain its popularity, it is essential to use an effective keyword research tool. Choose the appropriate one from the above-discussed keyword research tools for winning a competitive edge.