Now that Twitter and Facebook fan pages are included in Google search results, I thought I would share with you a few SEO tips to get more SEO push out of your twitter and facebook pages.

These tips apply to both twitter and facebook fan pages and they are simple to do.. and we all like simple..right?  lol

Choose The Best Name and Username

Your name should include one of your keywords, or at least fit your niche. Ex: if you sell dog toys, then choose a name that fits that.

You can also add a keyword to your display name too. I don’t do this because it makes it less personal, but if SEO juice is what you want then keyword your name too.

Use A Actual Website URL

With you url in your profile, make sure to use your actual url not a shortened one.  Also remove the “www” since Google only takes your first 20 characters.

Juice Up Your Profile

Your profile is a great place to put your keywords, but again don’t go over board since you want to personalize your profile as much as you can, and you only have 160 char. Keywords will help with search also on twitter makes it easier for people to search and find you.

SEO Your Avatar

This is cool, you can SEO your profile picture! You can’t can rename the photo before you upload it that way when it shows up in the URL it will have the keywords that you named. Make sure to leave NO spaces.

Use Keywords and Hashtags

Try to use your top keywords in your tweets and status messages this will help Google rank you too. Also try to use hashtags on your tweets, since Google is starting to rank hashtags.

For me, I like to use #moneydummyblog for my blog posts, that way if you search that, all my posts will pop up.

Promote Your page Like A Website

Make sure that you are submitting your twitter profile and facebook fan page to RSS feeds to directories and ping it.

You should be doing this already to get your twitter and facebook page out there, but make sure to add your twitter user name in blog posts and forums.

This will allow you to get higher page ranks.

Ok all these tips are great and done will help your Google search rankings, but be sure to not go to far, to much SEO efforts and it becomes annoying to actual people, and to little won’t give you much power with Google.

What you think?  Have any SEO tips for Twitter and Facebook pages?