SEO, the big buzz word of internet marketers. SEO professionals popping up out of the woodwork everywhere. Many making SEO seem so complicated and involved. When in reality, using logic and common sense, you can SEO your site very easily.

SEO has been around for years. It might not have been known under that name but the principals have been around way before Google and the internet.

SEO before the Internet

Have you ever browsed through the Yellow Pages, or the classifieds looking for a plumber or electrician. How do you go about it? Well for me, the easiest is to either look at the index, find where all the plumbers have been gathered together. Then turn there and start from the top. Now you will find that the plumbers at the top of the pages, those listed first in the listings and classifieds probably get a lot more business than the others. Why is this?

Well crafted headlines

The reason why they get more of the business is pure human nature. I do not want to wade through tons of listing, phoning everyone for a quote. I start at the top and try the first few that catch my eye. It might not be everyone in the first few, but only those who’s headlines draw my attention.

Yes, its the headlines that get the most work. People soon realised that a well constructed headline draws the most attention. They also realised that the listings were in alphabetical order. So the ones on the top of the list were most likely to get the most activity. The escort industry were the best at utilizing this feature. Instead of listing as “XXX Girls”, which would put them way down at the bottom, they listed as “A1 Girls” or “ 123 Best Girls”.

What this did was put them way on top. Right where everyone starts to look. In Modern SEO nothing has changed. A well crafted headline, with the correct keywords in it gives us a better chance of getting to the top of the search engines and a better chance that searches or people will click and visit our sites.

Well written content

Once a headline has caught my eye, I then read the small blurb in the advertising portion. If I like what I read, then I will use the contact details and phone to find out more. I will scan through the top few and decide on the basis of the headline and the content which plumber I am likely to call.

This has not changed for years. Well written content will always make the difference and draw more traffic. Using Good and carefully selected keywords to draw your readers in. I mean, if I am look at “A plus plumber” then read their ad blurb and read, “We have the best home to sell you, give us a call if you’re looking for a new home”. Do you think I am going to call them for their plumbing problem.

Use the knowledge you already have

You already know a lot about SEO, even though you think you don’t. You have been using SEO and been subjected to SEO for years. SEO is inbred in you, you understand it, it makes sense to you, it’s logical. So why not take that which you already know and apply it to your blog and or website.

What do you think? Is SEO really that complicated?