I was inspired (as always!) by a note by the fabulous Jen Louden. Jen is to me a great example of showing up to do your best work. Best here is not the highly stressful “Better than everyone else” but a holistic relaxing into the work you are here to do.

More than that, Jen helps people to find and recognise their own best work. She provokes thoughts and allows for the resting that is often where our best work comes from.

In this post, I found the right state of mind for planning an event. Are you someone who when they think about creating content, it can be easy to get sucked into a tale where “more, more more” equals more value? Often, I’ve found that there is a place where this becomes not true. Where our own values of “enough” get in the way because we want to give it all, right away, here today.

Actually, that serves no one. It doesn’t serve you as a provider as it leads to giving too much for not enough results. It leaves you no where to go. It also doesn’t serve you as it can be a very stressful place to work from! Best self here? NO – just the self that needs to get it all out there in some kind of cosmic outpouring!

Set your intention

Next time you can sense yourself going off on one of these information binge fests, switch off your PC, have a cup of tea and grab some paper. Visualise your event and all the warm faces of the people who are there because they showed up for you to share insight and give value. And start from that place of love, where you give just enough.