The e-commerce market is getting more and more saturated by the day; it is also one of the most lucrative markets to enter. According to recent studies, more than 77% of internet users in the UK made at least one online purchase last year. E-commerce also accounts for close to 20% of all purchases made across the country.

The number of e-commerce companies operating in the UK has made the market very competitive. To stay ahead and keep customers loyal, it is important that you provide added value that sets your e-commerce start-up apart. Good after-sales service is just what you need.

Enhanced Customer Experience

We’re used to improving the user interface, simplifying the checkout process and allowing customers to make payments easily in an attempt to maximise user experience. What a lot of e-commerce companies aren’t doing is taking good care of their customers after a sale is made. This part of the user experience is just as important, especially if you want to retain customers and turn them into loyal users.

Good after-sales service doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple follow-up email, and integrated package tracking followed by a survey to measure customer satisfaction is a great way to add to the existing user experience. Personalisation is also vital; instead of sending a pre-written email, sales officers can customise the message to better suit the customer. The goal is to enhance customer experience. Make sure the after-sales campaign doesn’t make customers uncomfortable in any way.

The Power Of Customer Support

Customers love to be pampered. Providing them with customer support channels they can use easily is a great start. Aside from live support and emails, you can gain a huge advantage by offering UK business contact numbers that customers can reach easily.

Despite the fact that more customers are shopping online, the majority of people in the UK still prefer to talk to someone directly when they run into problems with the products and services they use. Emails just don’t cut it. Aside from personalised interaction, phone support is also great for building stronger relationships with customers. You are providing your users with all the help they need to receive maximum value from the products and services they use.

A Big Impact To Be Made

Introducing good after-sales experience has one desirable impact: more loyal customers. Loyal customers are not like users who only visit your site when they need to buy a particular product. These loyal customers will not hesitate to talk to others about their amazing experience shopping at your e-commerce site. This is always a good start.

In today’s era of social media and social sharing, having a lot of very happy customers praising your e-commerce site based on the experiences they have is a huge, HUGE thing. You’ll start seeing a jump in traffic and conversion rates when people start to recommend your online store. All of the effort, time and energy you have invested into providing a good after-sales experience will be well worth it.