Your home is your castle, so it’s vital that you take all necessary steps to protect it. With research finding Britain to be home to the most successful burglars in Europe, you can’t afford to ignore your home security. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to protect your home.

Check Your Building

One of the first steps is to take a close look at your apartment’s building security. Factors such as poor lighting in communal hallways or landings, or bad illumination on the path to the entrance, can all make your block of flats appear attractive to burglars. Find out who is responsible for lighting in these areas. It may be covered by your maintenance charge or you may even be able to fit new lights yourself. Lights activated by motion sensors make a practical, energy-efficient choice.

Security Cameras

If there are already security cameras monitoring your entrances and communal areas, that’s great news. Otherwise, see if you can arrange to have them installed. You can buy small doorstep cameras for your front door too, which can greatly enhance your security. You can monitor deliveries and passers-by remotely, using an app on your smartphone or tablet.


The addition of extra deadbolts can make your home more secure once you’re home for the night. Also, why not look at upgrading to one of the smart locks now widely available? Using wireless technology, a smart lock can offer incredible security, with benefits such as connectivity to other smart devices, enabling voice activation. You can even choose a lock that opens only with your fingerprint, or time-access windows to ensure no-one enters that way whilst you are out at work. Most smart locks fit over your existing lock, making them quick and easy to install without damage to your door.

Secure Sliding Doors

Whether it’s access to your garden, or a balcony area, a high proportion of flats have sliding doors somewhere on the property. These doors can be tricky to make fully secure, but there is a simple measure you can take to prevent break ins. Placing an iron bar (widely available in DIY shops) in the inside track of your sliding door can be an effective way of stopping intruders.

Window Dressing

Another budget-friendly security tip which can make a surprising impact is making sure that your windows have curtains or blinds in place. This is particularly important for ground floor or basement apartments, which all too often allow would-be thieves to scope out belongings surreptitiously. Keep curtains or blinds closed after dark and whenever you’re not at home.

Security Systems

If you’re truly serious about protecting your flat and its contents, it’s a good idea to invest in a security system. The rise of Smart home technology means that it’s now more affordable than ever and you won’t need to pay for an expensive security firm to fit it for you. Easy to install and use, you can add sensors to windows and doors that will alert you to any attempts to open them, connect to timed lights, and even include safety features such as carbon monoxide detectors. A home security system comes with a user-friendly control panel, as well as mobile apps, allowing you to control and monitor your system wherever you are.

Get Insured

Of course, if the worst should happen, it’s important to make sure that you have the right insurance. Be careful not to underestimate the value of your possessions, walk around your home and make a note of all your belongings and what it would cost to replace them. There is a wide range of policies available for people living in apartments, with options tailored to renters as well as homeowners. Don’t wait and regret it, be proactive and protect your home with insurance today.