If you’re new to this whole online business thing, you’re in for a big surprise. As you will inevitably learn, there are many, many different ways in which to traffic your site and to ultimately build your customer base. In fact, there are so many different methods to try that you will most likely not live long enough to try them all!

We’re talking about thousands and thousands. But you can seriously cut that number down significantly by just going with what has proven to work the best. One such method is the method of buying backlinks.

A backlink, to put it simply, is a link on someone else’s site that links back to a page of your website. If, for instance, you noticed that “TheirSite.com” was a more popular site than yours and that this site was receiving a large flow of traffic, you may want to siphon some of that for yourself. You would then work out an arrangement so that TheirSite.com would post your site’s link, “YourSite.com”, so that visitors would click through and ultimately end up back at your page.

The jury is really still out on whether or not you should pay someone to post a backlink. Many people insist, and rightfully so, that there are other ways to build your rankings other than exchanging links and purchasing link space. However, it is a working method that really doesn’t hurt to try. You won’t have to pay a lot for a popular site to post your link. You will mostly do it by providing relative content and perhaps a few dollars or a trade-off by allowing a link on your site.

Low-cost advertising

As long as you’re providing relative content to a site that wants content, you will be able to put a link in it somewhere for a very low cost. No one is going to gouge you for this. Think about 5 or 10 bucks at the most. If anyone wants more than that, well, you can find another popular site that might do it for a lot less. It’s a low-cost way to increase your advertising presence.

Trial and error

Buying backlinks allows you to try out different methods through different genres. You can post to practically any niche you want to see how the traffic responds to what you’re offering on the backend. You may also find some extremely popular sites out there with huge, receptive audiences.

Search engine fodder

Having backlinks to your site is something the search engines eat up. Your pages aren’t what rank well in the end with most search engines. It’s the actual links to your site. That’s what pulls you up from the basement.

A healthy alternative

Always remember, however, that you do not have to pay a single penny to have a backlink posted! There are many, many free places out there to post a backlink. If you want to increase your reach, then trying every angle, including paid angles, is simply smart business. But if you still want backlinks but don’t want to spend the money, it can be done for free.