Following fellow ad-space selling website Facebook’s launch into the credit card industry, Google released its very own MasterCard this week.

The new Ad Words Business Credit Card can be spent exclusively on buying Google Ad Words and Ad Space and is being marketed particularly at medium to small businesses that may not always be able to meet demanding advertising costs.

The move follows social giant Facebook’s partnership with American Express, whose customers can now exchange membership points for free Facebook advertising.

Google’s step into the vendor financing world is a cautious one, however, and the company is only inviting a “statistically significant” number of clients to use the card in beta test form to begin with.

But when it does move to the wider climate, what’s in it for you and should your business apply?

Yes! Of course

Well, there are a lot of bonuses of this card, particularly if you often use Google to advertise. The 8.99% interest rate is so good that Google have had to confirm that this is not an introductory offer but an on-going rate.

Google will also offer a very large credit limit, although it didn’t divulge the exact highest and lowest limits, claiming that it would completely depend on the individual client. There is also no annual fee, which is nice.

Also, Brent Callinicos, Google Treasurer, seems to genuinely feel that Google will be meeting a “customer need” with this service, rather than just chasing profits.

No! Don’t bother

The card may be a little too exclusive for some clients as you will need to get a separate card for other purchases. The AmEx card with membership points spent on Facebook may be a better option if you’d rather have a cover-all company credit card.

The Ad Words card also doesn’t offer any air miles. But, as Callinicos went on to say, “If you had the choice of an 18% credit card and miles versus an 8.99% credit card and no miles, it’s a pretty easy choice.”