I’ve been waiting for someone to shine a light on the fact that Siri is actually a hidden alternative to search, and that for the first time in 13 years – Google could actually be seeing some serious competition. Siri is, of course, Apple’s integrated iPhone app that’s deemed a ‘personal assistant’ but is really a form of sophisticated voice search…

Then I saw this article in Fortune…which spelled it out: Siri has the potential to be better than current search technology from Google because…:

“…Siri is more than voice recognition. It’s a form of AI that takes a few more steps closer to an app that could pass the Turing test. People are still uncomfortable with any AI application that could be mistaken for a human, but the Easter-egg answers Apple has snuck into the app defuses any potential discomfort, and in fact gives Siri a conversational interface that feels far more personal that Google’s spartan home page. It’s that conversational interface that poses the threat to Google.”

And there’s more in that article. Recommended.

What’s interesting is the fact that even when we think a company is unbeatable there is indeed always a path to beating the competition – even when that competition is a leader with the scale, breadth and depth of Google.

Now – I am not saying that Google is in any way ‘over’, but there is indeed something very different, friendly and smart about Siri that takes search to another level AND it also comes pre-installed in every iPhone 4S, which gives it instant market reach and captive users that give it the potential to be the first serious contender.

From the 50,000 foot view – Apple continues to amaze – continuously using the mind in a focused and determined way to outrun, outthink, outsmart, out-strategize the competition and never giving up an inch.