Sky Broadband has added 101,000 customers over the last quarter, bringing its total broadband customer base to 2.4 million.

A quarter of Sky customers now chooses one of its broadband packages and the number of users taking one of Sky’s triple play bundles with TV, broadband and home phone increased to 18%.

Sky also unbundled all of its planned local exchanges, and now has 500,000 customers connected to its local loop unbundled (LLU) network, allowing it to offer cheaper broadband to more users.

Jeremy Darroch, Sky Broadband chief executive, commented: “It has been another good quarter in what remains a tough environment, with more customers joining Sky and strong demand across our entire product range.”

Sky also announced that it would begin offering HD set-top boxes as standard, as well as launching the UK’s first dedicated 3D channel in spring.

“Sky’s broadband packages continue to offer great value for money, especially when taken with Sky Talk, which offers a £5 discount on monthly broadband costs, even giving customers on the Broadband Base package ‘free broadband’, said Michael Phillips, product director,.

“Sky’s six months free broadband offer is still also running, which gives customers free access to its Sky Unlimited 20Mb broadband package for six months. “However, customers on either its Broadband Base or Broadband Everyday packages do need to make sure that they don’t exceed their download allowance or they could be charged extra,” he warned.