Despite potentially falling profit margins, marketing budgets for small businesses are set to stay the same or increase in 2011 with website, social media and mobile marketing most likely to benefit.

So reports a survey by Zoomerang and GrowBiz Media suggests social media spend will be the third most increased area for online marketing spend in 2011.

More than 750 businesses were surveyed with over a third indicating that they already currently engage in social media marketing. Facebook at 80%, LinkedIn (37%) and Twitter (27%) were the most commonly used.

For the majority of small businesses their website is their leading marketing tool. Cost effective and essentially more measurable yet it appears they could be doing a lot more. Only 13% of businesses reported that they had a blog and most appeared to be under-using the potential of having their business online.

This suggests that 2011 still leaves ample scope for web designers, SEO experts and the like to work alongside small businesses to maximise their reach and exposure.

As more adopt technology in their personal lives, and businesses look for even greater efficiency, 2011 will be the most internet-focused year in business ever, it is just a question of how businesses will adapt to that.

Is your small business planning on using its online space more next year to market your products and services?