Android is ‘really taking off in the US enterprise sector,” said Ed Brill at IBM’s Lotusphere 2011 event in Orlando. So much so that IBM predict tablets and smartphones to become the device of choice for enterprise users three to five years from now.

Ed Brill is director of product management for LotusLive, Notes and Domino at IBM – and according to him the Google-based tablets are a good prospect. In the US enterprise sector, “there is an open market, and there are also many of the Google devices in the UK.”

Brill points out that it is difficult to take on new manufacturers – IBM presently develops apps for Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian devices – to take on anymore has to be worth the expense.

Windows Phone 7 is one platform Brill confirms they keep an eye on. “We are constantly evaluating Windows Phone 7 to see if there is enterprise interest before investing. So far there is inquiry level interest, but there is no demand in the enterprise for it,” he said.

IBM and RIM, however, appear to have a burgeoning relationship. BlackBerry devices will be supporting the up-coming cloud-base LotusLive Symphony collaboration tool on release.

In fact – Jim Balsillie, co-chief executive at RIM, took the stage at Lotusphere 2011 to plug the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and the availability of Lotus and Domino applications. What enterprise users want – the PlayBook appears to have – multi-tasking, Internet performance and security.

It’s still personal – just on a grand scale.