Web designers, you’re proud of your work and already have a lovely website that demonstrates the quality of your expertise. But have you ventured into the social media realm to promote yourselves further?

This article will provide 3 essential tips you may or may not already know about to help create a presence within social media.

Facebook pages

You may already have a Facebook page and “like” various pages that match your personality. Have you set up a page for your business/ services?

When searching for web designer in Facebook I can’t find any personalised pages which promote specific web designers. This could be a valuable opportunity to show off your best work using the FMBL tabs to personalise the look and feel of your page.

Four Seasons hotels and resorts have a clean, elegant design for their Facebook page – a perfect example of personalised Facebook pages: http://www.facebook.com/FourSeasons


Using Twitter you can reach an audience using a maximum of 140 characters at a time. If you’re looking to create a personalised Facebook page you could use Twitter to help promote it.

For example, if you have an opinion on other peoples designs, web related or unrelated, you can share them with your audience and give your opinion on it. To make your audience engage with you more, you might also want to ask them their opinions.

Using Twitter would allow you to ask the question to a bigger audience, rather than limiting yourself to just Facebook. You could also provide any updates and news that Twitter users can find on your Facebook page.

With Twitter you can personalise your background design and profile photo, so use this to your advantage to display your creative skill.


There are various blogging platforms out there for you to use. I suggest using WordPress as it appears to be the most popular with a whole range of useful applications.

Using a blog can help create content related to your field that you can promote through Facebook and Twitter. The design idea from earlier can be easily generated through the use of a blog and the Twitter and Facebook profiles can raise questions regarding the article to generate engagement from your audience.

With many blogs you can completely personalise the look and feel of the page so add your own style to it. You can even integrate this into your website.

So there you have it: 3 tips on 3 platforms that can begin your journey into social media and generate an audience for your work.