Shock horror! Fancy me, a social media coach, and manager, writing that social media is not the only answer! Is that really my first post for 2011? I was challenged by the “Post a day” from WordPress which asks today “Do you prefer to talk, text, or a different communication method?”

What I actually like to do is share, and communicate. How I do that can be different needs, depending on the situation. Often, it’s about more than one type of communication as that becomes useful to me. For instance, we’re used to the idea in business that we may meet, yet still send an email to “back up” our conversations with a permanent record.

In social media, we may post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn depending on the audiences we work with. We may also have longer posts at our blog.

Social media is not the only answer to our communications, because not everyone uses it yet. I know many who strongly state “no Facebook for me”. Or Twitter, for that matter! The point is, if all your marketing is reliant on one type of marketing, then you’re missing a trick.

You’re missing the joy of turning those communications into more indepth opportunities to collaborate and discuss with your fellow humans. My word for this year is “Explore” – and one way you could start to explore this year is to think about how you can deepen those connections, however you first made them.