Social media is top of the PR priority list, according to a survey conducted by software company Vocus and researcher Deirdre Breakenridge. A report entitled, Social Media Comes of Age is based on a survey of 508 PR and marketing professionals, was released this week.

“Organisations have found through monitoring that social conversations will occur with or without their participation,” said Breakenridge. “And, they’ve found small victories through experimentation this year and will focus on improving those results next year.”

Key findings:

  • 60% of respondents said PR will be more challenging in 2011. The dynamics of social media and budgets were among the top reasons why.
  • 42% said they expect budgets to “increase somewhat” or “increase significantly”. In addition, 20% said budgets would “decrease somewhat” or “decrease significantly.
  • 23% of respondents said marketing is leading social media efforts while PR is contributing, while 22% of respondents said PR is leading social media efforts with several other departments contributing.
  • Organisations overwhelmingly gave themselves high marks for social media maturity, with 67% saying they are participating, sharing and contributing to social conversations.