In my monthly Outsiders poll, I asked the question “What will be your largest sales and marketing project in 2010?” The choices for answers were: Building Out Sales Force; Traditional CRM Deployment; Social Media Strategy Development; Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy and “Other.”

I may preach the importance of leveraging social media and engaging with customers across new channels – but even I was surprised to see that “Social Media Strategy Development” received the most votes. About 37% of respondents said they would be creating or expanding a social media strategy as their primary sales and marketing project this year. Interesting, no?

The second most popular? I am happy to say it was “Building Out Sales Force.” I think we should all be happy to see that – perhaps yet another hint that the recession and the bummer of 2008-09 is really behind us for good.

“Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy” came in third, with 16% of voters saying they plan to take advantage of new marketing channels in 2010. I guess you could kind of link this one with social media, if of course these individuals are looking at social networks and other tools like Twitter and Facebook to get their marketing messages heard.

Oddly enough, “Traditional CRM Deployment” only drew 11% of the voters. Now, I think a lot of the audience has already deployed a CRM system, so it’s a bit of a moot question. But does it fly in the face of a recent poll results post where I posited a huge greenfield opportunity for CRM providers.

Marketing owned the “Other” category, with a majority positing that a marketing or demand generation system rollout would be their largest project this year. We are seeing more and more organizations deploy tools like SugarCRM in tandem with marketing automation tools like Pardot and Eloqua, so I am not surprised here.

Thanks as always to those that responded to the poll. And of course, this month’s poll (on the topic of CRM data quality) is already up and running.