You may have notice a trend towards social media articles on this blog this year. That’s not by chance. 2011 is set to see Social Media integration become a bigger part of any businesses marketing and in particular their online presence.

Adding weight to that claim Google last week announced that it would be placing greater emphasis on social results based on relevancy.

Google claim their search is now “more comprehensive by adding notes for links people have shared on Twitter and other sites“. That’s the clever bit. If you have a Google Profile set-up, when you log in Google recognises your friends, followers and contacts.

Type in a search term and Google will pick up any related link re-tweeted, shared or posted by one of your contacts automatically and place them in your search results and also show that person’s info underneath the search so you can see who it was sharing the nugget of information.

That encourages you to follow and link with trusted news sources, as their suggestions could determine your search results. It also works the other way around in that you can very clearly and quickly become an expert in your field, a trend-setter and person or business others come to trust for information.

Google aren’t playing Big Brother completely either. Google users retain control over how and what accounts you connect with. Connecting is easy but if you don’t want your obscure twitter name being linked to your public Google Profile you can opt out of that.

Google Social Search was first launched back in 2009 but as this YouTube video shows these latest changes look set to change the way we search and integrate the knowledge of our social networks.