PRESS RELEASE: SoftColor Oy today announced the immediate availability of Server Automata 1.0: a workflow automation server software for advanced color correction, image editing and color management. Automata works independently on the background as Windows service. It can operate with multiple simultaneously workflows and users.

“We wanted to develop an easy to use image editing server software,” said Petri Piirainen Co-Founder of SoftColor Oy. “Today with Server Automata it takes only couple of minutes to install and configure a fully working image editing workflow server.”

Server Automata can have unlimited number of different workflows and it has support for file logistics operations. It loads automatically new and changed image files from the input folder and after processing it saves images to the output folder. Server Automata’s workflow configurations can be moved between SoftColor Automata or Server Automata users and setups.

Server Automata has a lightweight single window graphical user interface. It uses nondestructive layer based processing for color and image adjustments. This gives to the end-user a full control to tune automatic correction adjustments.

The core of workflow automation is SoftColor’s in-house developed spectral illumination detection algorithms which makes it possible to teach the computer to think about colors like a human being. For the end-user this gives an automatic and fully customizable solution to fix white balance, exposure and contrast problems.

Server Automata can use third-party applications or shell scripts for pre or post processing images inside its workflows. Server Automata has support for standard ICC profile based color management. Server Automata can convert and render between different color spaces, for example conversion from RGB to CMYK.

Server Automata reads multiple digital image and camera RAW-formats. It saves edited image to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and PSD formats. If PSD format is used are original and edited images saved into same file as separate layers.

Pricing and Availability

Server Automata 1.0 is available immediately for $899 (USD). More information, as well as a 30-day fully working Server Automata trial, can be found online

System Requirements

Automata requires any PC running Windows XP Pro or later Microsoft Windows version and 42MB hard disk space.