Tracking business processes is a prime imperative to achieving business success. However, The Aberdeen Group revealed in a recent study that 89% of mid-market companies cannot track their processes without Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) indication. A further 86% report inaccurate data and 78% redundant data being used in the business. These figures make a very strong case to integrate an ERP solution into those organisations currently struggling without.

When you have teams of people specialising in various functions, it is natural to slip into silos of both processes and information. But those disconnects cost your business a great deal. To regain control and revive profitability, the right ERP solution can reconnect those teams and streamline workflows so that all departments are working in concert.

There is much to be gained when you can create positive momentum through collaboration and processes designed to ensure quality results. It’s a case of setting the groundwork to prepare the business for growth and efficiency.

Keep On Top Of Compliance

For sustainable, long-term growth, it is imperative to protect that momentum by staying in compliance and being prepared to act when challenges arise. Regular reviews of processes and easy access to intelligence go a long way in maintaining control of the business.

Plus, if you are considering expanding globally, you simply must gain control at each phase of growth to achieve profitable growth. Half measures won’t cut it when you’re doing business with new partners and customers, in new languages and under new legislations.

Whichever stage you are in, however many silos you have, it is time to take back control — of the products and service you provide your customers, of the communication among your team, of the profitability and future of your business. The first stop should be your software provider, as they can help you find an ERP solution that is tailored for you and your organisation. Building a business on strong foundations prepares the organisation for whatever comes its way, wherever it’s operating in the world.


Benoît Gruber

Benoît Gruber joined Sage in 2008 and is the VP of Product & Alliances for Sage ERP X3. He is responsible for Product Management & Marketing for Sage ERP X3 globally, and is in charge of ensuring that the Operating Company (OpCo) teams are aligned behind the product strategy. He also serves as the Sage ERP X3 solution expert in relationships with thought leaders, analysts and press. Prior to working at Sage, Benoît worked for management consulting and technology services companies dedicated to ERP, Business Intelligence and new technologies. Benoît has also owned a company in Media and Publishing.