Kicking a company when it’s down seems unfair, but Sony’s handling of the Playstation Network hacking is a customer experience nightmare.

The hack has exposed up to 77 million gamers to the threat that their personal information, possibly including credit card details, is now in the hands of criminals.

And how did Sony inform its customers of this situation? It blogged about it on its website.

Now, I’m a champion of businesses using social media channels to communicate with their customers, but surely there’s a time and a place.

What’s equally inexcusable is the deafening silence as the situation snowballed from the network being down, to news of a serious hack.

Sony is now embarking on an email campaign to keep the unfortunate gamers in the loop, which is a more personal way to attempt reassurance.

But I fear the memory of the shambolic way the bad news was disseminated will hang around long after the details of the security breach have been forgotten.