Is your office neat and tidy, or sometimes a bit of a mess? How good are you at keeping on top of the clutter on your desk, your filing cabinets and computer drives? It is a well known fact that a clean and well organised workspace creates the best conditions for high levels of productivity in the office.

That said, a clean office goes beyond your staff’s personal responsibility. What about shared spaces such as receptions areas and client meeting rooms, communal kitchens and washrooms? First impressions count and if your office is looking shabby rather than chic, what message are you inadvertently putting out to your clients and visitors?

With spring around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to serious tackle the cleanliness of your office spaces. Here are six easy steps to get spick and span – and keep it that way.

1. Tidy Up Your Paperwork

Most office executives will agree that The Paperless Office is a myth! Office spaces are notorious for amassing files and documents, many of which are probably stored electronically, or out of date. Sort through the papers on your desk and only keep what you really need a hardcopy of. The rest can go straight into the recycling. Create a filing system to help you find your important documents in future, and make sure the system is used consistently.

2. Focus On Business

Keep distractions away from the office by only surrounding yourself with work related items. Do you have a company policy to keep personal mobile phones off the desk, and personal email and social media accounts turned off during working hours? If not, perhaps you should. Even with the best will in the world, it is difficult not to be led astray every time the phone rings or pings. The same goes for paper files and documents. Keep private stuff separate from work stuff.

3. Use Desk Storage

Optimise the use of office storage to keep everything organised and easy to find. If you have a drawer, filing cabinet or shelving space allocated to your desk, use it to store items you don’t use every day. Regular stationery items – pens, stapler, post-it notes etc – can stay on the desktop. The rest – laptop charger, envelopes, sticky tape etc – should disappear from view so as not to cause clutter while still being easily accessible when they’re needed.

4. Clean Up Your Computer

Treat your computer as you would your physical desk. How clean is your virtual desktop? Is it cluttered with icons and odd files or are you meticulous in filing everything in its rightful place? The longer you leave your computer unorganised, the worse it will get. Bite the bullet and spend enough time – a whole day if you have to – organising your files and folders. Future time saving alone will make it worth your while.

5. Manage Your Time

Everyone is always busy at work; that’s a fact of life. However, if you are able to organise you work schedule, you can make time for everything that is important – and that includes regular cleaning tasks. It’s all a question of priorities. Just as you would at home, it pays dividends to have a regular time slot and routine at work allocated to cleaning and maintenance tasks.

6. Instruct Professional Office Cleaners

Regular cleaning of your office spaces is a must if the area is to remain serviceable and presentable at all times. Put some budget aside and choose a reputable commercial cleaning company (like this one) that has a team of fully trained, insured and reference checked operatives and offers carpet, curtain and upholstery cleaning too.

Find a reliable office cleaning company that can do the job on a daily or weekly basis, and ask them to undertake periodic deep cleans and spring cleaning too.