Investment in marketing technology is growing rapidly, fuelling the proliferation of digital marketing solutions from established point providers. This growth explosion is generating a huge amount of consumer data, resulting in a complex landscape where vendors are battling for market dominance.

In an attempt to create clarity among the confusion, major cloud providers are tempting marketers with universal ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. From testing and optimisation to data management, these proprietary solutions are appealing because they allow marketers to work with a single provider. However, not all businesses fit neatly into a one-size solution.

Businesses are unique and have varied requirements, and not all proprietary marketing clouds will effectively meet all their diverse needs. So before opting for a universal solution, it is crucial that marketers consider their unique business goals.

But what is the alternative for businesses that require more than a conventional product? Companies are now beginning to realise how easy and beneficial it is to build their own bespoke marketing cloud. By leveraging a tag management system (TMS), marketers can choose from the huge variety of products available to create a customised solution that works for their business.

With this in mind, what benefits can businesses enjoy when they build their own cloud?

Unified Marketing Applications & Data

Tag management technology allows for independent, quick, and easy solution control across all marketing data. The data layer – foundational to achieving unified marketing – creates a standardised language between all tag-based digital solutions. This allows previously siloed marketing applications to share data and integrate for the first time. Ultimately, this data layer enables marketing applications and data to be unified into one actionable cloud.

Best-In Class Solutions

Although a major cloud provider is unlikely to be all things to all businesses, they do enable many solutions that benefit businesses. Thanks to a TMS, building a custom cloud provides marketers with the flexibility to leverage the best solutions the digital ecosystem has to offer. These solutions can be integrated with point-and-click simplicity from major cloud providers, as well as point providers, across all categories. Herein lies the beauty of bespoke.

Profitable Cross-Channel Campaigns

A custom cloud powered by a TMS takes marketing technology to the next level by enabling marketers to correlate consumer profiles and standardise segments, then share them across the marketing stack. Meanwhile, the core technology also enables a more personalised and engaging customer experience across all digital touch points. For the first time, marketers can create a unified view of the customer and deliver a truly omnichannel marketing solution.

It may be tempting for marketers to adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, but proprietary marketing clouds can sometimes fail to fulfill individual business needs. Through the use of a sophisticated TMS, marketers can build a bespoke marketing cloud that benefits from the flexibility of selecting solutions from all major providers. Custom clouds deliver integrated, personalised, and omnichannel marketing solutions that will blow the competition away.