As 2016 is nearing its end, if we look back over the last year it’s fair to say that it has been quite a year for start-ups. More and more small businesses have been popping up, and in many cases, those that were setup one or two years before have now began to realise the success they were always hoping for. Read on to find out my handpicked selection of 5 of the best examples of start-up success this year; in no particular order: 

5. AirSorted

This innovative little business comes from James Jenkins Yates and was based on his experiences with Airbnb. Using his expertise in coding he created AirSorted, which essentially manages an Airbnb account on your behalf, looking after areas such as check-in, cleaning, keys and more. With the popularity of Airbnb, this has proved quite the success so far.

4. Perkbox

Perkbox was initially launched back in 2015 and has now really taken off. It is pretty much what the name suggests, in that it is a box full of things like vouchers, free products, insurances and more, which businesses can send to their employees as a way of boosting morale and rewarding them. It was created by Saurav Chopra and Chieu Cao and by the end of this year they are expected to make millions on this venture.

3. MarketInvoice

Backed by the UK Government, MarketInvoice have gone from strength-to-strength this year by offering a number of financial invoicing services that can help businesses to get funds faster and more effectively – rather than waiting for invoices. This is another business that’s easy to use and offers fast registration; with such convenience being a big part of this company’s success.

2. Vape Emporium

The vaping markets have grown hugely in the last year as more and more people are preferring to use e-cigarettes. Vape Emporium provide an array of vaping e-liquids and equipment. Andy Logan and Amar El-Zayat originally started up back in 2013 and while 2015 was a big step forward for them, it’s this year that has been the real success story, with the end of year revenue to possibly hit in-excess of a million pounds.

1. what3words

This business was originally launched back in 2013, but has now become huge and is continuing to grow. The brainchild of founders Jack Waley-Cohen and Chris Sheldrick, what3words is a code which works with apps and provides further information about their location in the form of three words. This has been particularly useful for navigation apps and travel services.

What we’ve seen in terms of start ups in 2016 certainly demonstrates the huge amount of talent coming out of the UK as well as the tremendous business opportunities there are. An innovative idea and knowing where and how to get financial backing are arguably the only two elements required for anyone to write the first chapter of their success story (as well as a rather enormous amount of luck). Look forward to seeing you in next year’s list.