OK, I can understand your fear. The sales and marketing director calls you into his office and asks if you are on Facebook, You say you are and the next thing you know you are being charged with running the company’s social media campaign including Twitter which you have heard about but never experienced.

Having the resource of the world wide web to hand you Google Twitter and social media and among the trillions of links you quickly glance at you are handed a plethora of advice and hints that leave you even more baffled and confused. If I can offer a word in your shell-like ear, if you don’t get the foundations right you are, to be put gently, screwed, so you cannot do better than buy a copy of John Paul Aguiar’s Twitter Dummy Guide.

One of the good things about this ebook, apart from the fact that you can part with your cash and start learning in minutes, is that John Paul takes you gently through every stage of setting up Twitter, from choosing a user name, establishing a profile, getting a photograph and background in place through to the daily use of Twitter and essential information like hash tags, etc. It’s all in plain, no bullshit English and each step is explained simply and without any attempt at trying to appear clever like some authors.

Confession time. I have been on Twitter since starting my blog 18 months or so ago and I thought I was fairly Twitter savvy but this guide opened my eyes both in terms of how I used Twitter and, more importantly, some of the tools I was missing out on. Some of the tools enable you to track who is following and who has unfollowed you, how to see what is trending so you can piggy back your relevant tweets on the back of these and how to follow other Twitter users in the same market niche as you.

Since buying the book for $19 I have seen a steady growth in followers, nothing revolutionary, certainly at a higher rate than before, discovered more tools to make my Twitter use more productive. So, go and lift that sales and marketing director’s platinum credit card from his wallet and invest in something that wil benefit you and the company.