2018 is the year of technological changes and innovation, so it would be impossible not to exploit this domain from the point of view of the business. Traditional businesses, handicraft, and life skills are quite left behind. Artificial Intelligence will soon be able to replace the repetitive tasks that employees are dealing with at the moment. Technology entirely changes the way humans will perceive the world in a few years from now on. Machines can take over some of our responsibilities and save us spare some free time for ourselves.

Given the fact that time is a precious resource of humans that they want to hold on to as long as possible, getting rid of such tasks can be the best thing that happens. Businesses started to move in the online field. The virtual world is in continuous expansion and almost everyone on this planet has access to the Internet. Internet means facile communication, instant access to all sorts of information, an opportunity to make money and so many more. If a person knows how to take advantage of the Internet, all the opportunities show up in his path.

Taking into account that technology can successfully replace some of the tasks that employees deal with daily, the time saved can be invested in something else. The 8-hour a day schedule is the one that makes people tired and sick of their workplace. The less time they spend working (while still earning enough money to live as they want), the higher the satisfaction. Finding a job that doesn’t require staying at your desk at all times and staring at a bright display is now more difficult than people think, exactly because everything is somehow related to technology. Even in industries like metalwork or woodwork, technological machines took over manual processing.

Yes, the investments in technology can be consistent, but the outcome is favourable as well. Starting businesses in the tech sector or at least including technology in its field of activity is the one condition for high profitability in the future. Here are some facts about the impact technology has on each industry and reasons why starting a business in them is the appropriate choice at the moment.

The Medical System

The first domain positively affected by the evolution of technology would be medicine. Investing in a business that provides clinics with devices and other types of technologies that can help doctors handle their jobs better could be something that produces a lot of money in the future. In a world where diabetes and cancer are serious issues that humans are forced to cope with, technology innovation is more like a requirement rather than an option. Bringing cancer genomics into the light and working towards finding solutions can get you a huge research budget. Also, since people are worried about the food they are eating you can start a business in nutrigenomics. Sequencing DNA is no longer a taboo subject, so there’s a chance you’ll know what to eat and what to avoid based on your specific alimentation by the year 2020.

Virtual Assistants

Do you have a great idea for a new virtual assistant? Cortana, Alexa, and Siri made you think about all the possibilities? Then start programming and you might become a millionaire in a few years from now on. First of all, virtual assistants can make people’s lives much easier by fulfilling tasks we previously had to do on our own. Isn’t that a reason enough to invest in developing virtual assistants? In addition, many students are now attending universities specialised in domains like electronics, engineering, computing and so on. It should be easy to find employees to brainstorm ideas with. Take advantage of the possibilities that technology offers to you and produce something greater out of them.

Immersive Experiences

Virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality are no longer just ideas. Many developers produced virtual reality headsets and mixed/augmented reality rooms. The fact that you can experience anything you want through a virtual setup still amaze people today. There is a lot of room for further improvements, but you should work with existent ideas. How about implementing virtual, mixed and augmented reality into education? Think about offering affordable-priced virtual reality devices to schools that desire to introduce this teaching method to their curriculum. The initial investment might be quite high, but the profits will surely counterbalance it.

Manufacturing, But The Smart Way

No one said you have to remove humans from the production process entirely. You can still open up businesses in the manufacturing field as long as you make good use of technology and what it offers to you. Again, spending more money on putting the company together is irrelevant, since it will surely be profitable in no time. The return on investment in such situations is noticeable and you’ll be able to upgrade existent machines with newer ones when trends appear. Transformative tech gives you plenty of opportunities to choose from. Take into account what your possibilities are. Besides technology, make sure to hire highly skilled employees that know how to use the equipment you invested in.


You probably heard about the growth of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is based on the blockchain technology that can be successfully applied in other domains as well. Cryptocurrency was both created and stored electronically in the blockchain (a combination of different encryption techniques). Bitcoin was the first to use blockchain, but people started to notice its benefits in fields like healthcare, automotive, financial services or even in the process of voting, given its secure nature. The benefits of blockchain include the fact that it is transparent, can be tracked accurately and can reduce costs. This is the reason you might want to invest in a business that offers blockchain services to other companies that cannot handle their data well. Of course, it has other competing platforms but until they are developed further, you shouldn’t risk investing in them. Base on facts instead of speculations and you’ll do nothing but gain money