Clearly, Steve Jobs and Apple grew to be an intimate part of all our lives in the last 10 years – the excitement, the anticipation, the wonder, the desire, the fascination, the awe, the adoration, the practicality, the beauty of every Apple innovation was the bright and shining star in the world’s life, a world that at times seemed, otherwise, dull.

How many times have I walked into an upscale malls as I travelled around the country, where every store (and I mean every store) was empty, dead, without a soul inside – while the Apple store was standing room only. Packed, almost to a frenzy. That was a mark of an era, of a revolution, of something seminal.

How many times have we waited with our breathes held trying to figure out what incredible perfect object of desire was going to emerge from the man’s mind.

How many times did we watch as he masterfully presented before a rapt world audience and redefined presentation.

But for us, taking the bold move and making Apple our corporate computing platform in 2005…a radical move back then that turned many heads when we walked into corporate conferences rooms with our white MacBooks…for us…Steve Jobs represented the role model of a bold, visionary entrepreneur to learn from, a rebel who taught us the way, who drove us to engage our courage, whose light kept us moving ahead against all odds to create our venture, TOA.

An inspiration for millions, yes, but also a man who fundamentally helped me change my own life…and I won’t be ashamed to say: I’ll truly miss him.

And…Thank You.