Chatbots have a lot of hype behind them, which many businesses consider a good enough reason to ignore the technology as a fad. Yet, as the business benefits become clear, it is now time to seriously consider adopting a bot to help your customer services or internal productivity.

1. Chatbots Save Time & Money

Most businesses already understand that chabots operate 24/7 and can help rationalise, augment or replace existing customer support structures. Alongside those benefits, chatbots can make money for the business. They also help your workers save time. Support or help chatbots can solve lots of problems or issues without the need for human intervention, freeing up staff for critical tasks. When intervention is needed, they can send a string of messages to the right workers to respond to, allowing them to focus on specific issues that they can address, no more wasted time passing emails around and so on.

2. Messenger Services Are Where You’ll Find Your Customers

Even before chatbots, services like Instant Messenger and Facebook Messenger were hugely popular among customers, and are growing fast. With a bot, these platforms provide instant help and feedback to customers. There’s no waiting for an answer, and chatbots can be trained to learn what your customers are asking, and build suitable responses. In a few short years chatbots have gone from yes/no answers to clever machines capable of holding smart conversations, and they will only get smarter. Adding one to your business now will ensure you’re in place when every customer expects you to have a bot.

3. Chatbots Are Part of the Modern User Experience

People already expect to find chatbots when interacting with their bank, airline and brand name retailers. As this broad adoption continues, they will expect them to take over functions at their doctors, the local retailers and business services. Some may fear that bots remove the personality from a face-to-face meeting or call, but chatbots can be loaded with personality to help represent the brand, to be similar to the people customers are used to dealing with and so on.

4. Rationalise Your Business Information By Using A Chatbot

Chatbots help the business think about how they interact with customers. Traditionally, some information might only have been accessible by phone, some buried in an online FAQ, and others accessible on forums or on paper. By taking a joined-up approach to what customers want to know, and getting the bot to provide the details, your company will better understand how to use that information. It will also help make smarter decisions for future knowledge access, ensuring that you can add future essential information directly to the bot, making it more relevant to the business as it grows.

5. Chatbots & AI Technology Don’t Cost The Earth

There’s a perception that any advanced technology is expensive, but chatbots can be built, tested and launched in a matter of days or weeks for minimal expense. Of course, there are vendors who like to sell their magic for as much as they can get away with. But cloud-based services like SnatchBot provide advanced features like natural language processing (NLP), analytics and best of all, publishing to many platforms, wherever your business operates, for free. Bots can be developed in-house as your staff or team learn what customers want from the bot, and the data analytics acted upon instantly, something greatly advanced on those relying on website designers or app developers to update a product.

6. Chatbots Extend Your Business Reach

Depending on your business, A chatbot could be present on your website, on social media and messaging services, and perhaps within an app. But who knows where your customers will be in a few years time. One of the underpinning features of most chatbot services is the ability to publish almost anywhere, so if Facebook becomes politically unpopular, or China’s WeChat takes over the world, the chatbot will be able to easily move to the next big thing. This flexibility makes it easy for the business to stay current, to reach a new audience and to expand as the company’s digital footprint does across social platforms.

Whatever your business does, there’s growing evidence that chatbots work, are an efficient investment and a beneficial tool when it comes to organising information that your customers need.