Have you got a proper holiday planned? A new survey by business price comparison service Make it Cheaper reveals two thirds of UK business owners fear exhaustion due to their workload.

Over 1000 business owners were surveyed with 14% revealing they are not planning any holidays at all this summer whilst a further 38% are just staying close to home. Even for those planning a holiday it seems the economic climate is affecting the way they do it with 29% of people taking less time off in 2010 than in previous years.

Yet, the majority of business owners know that not having a proper holiday may be more detrimental in the future. A large 59% acknowledged the high ‘burn out’ risk of the hours they work running their businesses, but it appears to be a case of needs must.

The report findings is likely to echo true with many business owners, whatever the size of their operation. Over a third (35%) of respondents admitted to getting stressed out about finding reliable people to cover them while they are away, and even when on holiday, one in five revealed they aren’t able to switch off from work. It’s not a lack of trust in their employees however – only 3% suggested they worried about absenteeism levels when they were away.

The days of the executive tropical beach break appear long gone. Of those planning to take time off, 38% admitted it would be a ’staycation’ – either in their homes or the UK and only 14% are planning a luxury long-haul trip.

The main reason given for holidaying in the UK was cost (40%) but fear of being too far away from the business in current critical economic times followed close behind (31%).

What are your summer plans? Could your business survive if you took a complete fortnight break?