1 In 7 People Would Turn Down A Payrise To Travel Abroad With Work



Plane hopping and attending meetings overseas for work is seen as a luxury to many, with a new study (https://www.destination2.co.uk/business-travel-statistics), conducted by Destination2, revealing that 72% of people never travel abroad as part of their job. In fact, of the 2000 people surveyed, it was actually revealed that 1 in 25 people have never been to a foreign country - for business, or pleasure.

Despite the large number who’ve never travelled abroad and those who wouldn’t head overseas for work, a staggering 40% of respondents in the study said they felt happier abroad than at home. By contrast, just 27% of respondents preferred familiar surroundings. So, with a clear preference for time spent in foreign countries -whether that be for work or for social purposes - why have 1 in 25 people never left their home country?

Of those surveyed, 16% said they had no interest in travelling, 15% said it is too costly, 15% said their home life prevents them from heading on holiday and 10% would say their work life does the same. The respondents who’d never been abroad also expressed that reasons such as having a fear of travelling overseas (1%) and fear of transport methods (5%), such as boats and planes have kept them firmly planted in the UK.

Only 28% of the people we surveyed in total said that they ever travelled abroad for work. And around 3.6% more men did so than women.

In terms of age range, the number of individuals travelling to other countries for business purposes peaked within the 25 - 34 bracket at about 40%, then steadily declined. Of those aged 18 - 24, around 32% travelled abroad for work. In the 35 - 44 demographic, 31% did so. Of 45 - 54 years olds, just over 21% worked overseas per year, and only 16% of over 55s did so.

1 in every 10 of the respondents spoken to by Destination2 to said that their work-life commitments would never allow for them to head overseas for business purposes, though a surprising 13% admitted that they would turn down a £300 monthly pay rise if it meant they would be able to do so.

Will Collins, Destination2’s Marketing Manager explained that he was not surprised by the survey results. It doesn’t shock me that people would rather opt for the chance to travel overseas for work than to accept a pay rise. Visiting new countries, especially when it’s for purposes of business, allows you to network with an unbelievable amount of incredible people. And not only this, but it means you can enjoy some pretty phenomenal experiences too.

The individuals we quizzed who’d worked overseas said that doing so gave them the opportunity to visit somewhere completely new. Some particularly liked that they were able to meet new people as part of their trip, while others favoured the way it shook up their routine a little. I can understand all of these reasons, and I believe that if you’re lucky enough to head abroad for work, it’s definitely an opportunity worth grasping.