11 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website



Ever feel like your website is log-jammed by the rush of visitors and could make the conversion rate closer to the expected degree. We, know its not that much easy, but we believe nothing is impossible at all. As every problem have a resolution, there is a solution for the scarcity of visitors to your website. It may be your problem or may not be, whatever if your website does not get a convinced amount of visitors and conversion rate means our efforts are in vain.

Also, driving traffic and turning it into our customers involves many factors. It’s not an event occurs overnight. It’s a joint process including optimization, security, user experience, content, social media, web presence, etc.

The skill of attracting audience and take them to our website is a bit tricky. We have to convince the audience to have a look at our website and make them understand what we’ve peculiarly. Even after doing all this effectively, we can’t be sure that the visitor will turn into a customer. But, the best thing that we can do is keep reminding them of what we have for them, then at the time of a need, we would be the first choice of option.

Let’s see what all are determining our web traffic and how they work at the backend.

1. Optimization works a lot here

SEO is not a novice nomenclature for us. We’ve heard about it date back. However, for many times our apparent ignorance of understanding the prominence of SEO becomes a cause of less traffic. So, infuse the appropriate keywords, relevant contents and add useful links to optimize your website for a higher reach. Moreover, there are a lot more updates, and renovations are happening in SEO every day, so, stay updated and shape your website and its backend optimization techniques. Thereby you can increase the chances to show up at the top of the search results and higher the traffic.

2. Social media

One of the most trending mode to draw traffic is social media. It is a mini world in this world. We can see a digital version of humans in it. The influence of social media in today world is inevitable. People used to spend the major part of their life on social media alone. It has become the second home for a population by now. So, being active in social media will help us a lot to reach the target audience across the continents.

3. Create a content hub

The role of content and the ways it influences people have been changed these days dramatically. It’s not just the mustering of keywords and data. Today, the richness and the way we tell the story through different modes like videos, podcasts, brand stories will determine the reach of our website. If we cannot be able to convey the features of our service or products than other, we’ll be overlooked. So, a plot pertaining as well as well curated and equally enticing content is a must-have for every website to drive traffic.

4. Guest post

Apparently, most the small business enterprises headlong for a guest post at the very beginning stages and eventually they ignore it. The importance of guest posts is always eminent in driving traffic. It is a chance to tell our stories to another kind of people that we are not much familiar with. If we can explain our services and detail them, how can they benefit it, our guest posts never go in vain.

5. Ad campaigns

Advertisements are an integral part to reach our target customers. The prime function of advertisement campaigns is nothing but letting the world know that we have something that they seek. Moreover, it generates new customers and visitors as well. In our opinion, it is the very mode of communication we can have with our customers at first hand. So, it should be equally attractive and informative as well. Further, we don’t need to bother about the rate of visitors, if we do wisely.

6. What can analytics do with traffic?

Suppose we know mathematics, we’re resolving almost all the problems regardless of its difficulty degree. In fact, the way we are solving it and the results that we are formulating is a bit wrong than the true answer. The reason why we cannot realize the mistakes that we’re doing is not only our unawareness but also we don’t have an evaluator. Analytical tools are typically meant to evaluate our routes, activities, and techniques to guide our efforts in an optimized productive path. The most effective tools like Google analytics will monitor our activities intact and analyze how our business is reaching and who all are interested in it most at what time and season as well. These data will help us outrightly to leverage the seasons to leap our traffic and business.

7. Shoot your emails

Email marketing is not an old-school technique yet. It has its impact on relevant customers. Moreover, the chances of those emails to become a count on our conversion rate is more, if we shoot it to the right audience. Make sure you are not boring the reader. Try to be honest and tell them what can we give them at best and in a polite voice. We can convince our audience intact. Especially, upkeeping a list of interest audience emails and keep updating them about your service help to retain the customers and derive more traffic through them.

8. Security offered

Nowadays the rate of security threats in the online world is rising as never before. As the technology reaches new peaks, the hacker and cyber-criminals are paving their paths to loot the fellow users and businesses. So, a trace of insecurity is enough to pull down our reputation and corner our website as insecure. To avoid this, we have to leak-proof our website, customer data and all relevant transactions occurring across the network. So, as far as our knowledge is concerned, an SSL Certificate is the best possible security feature that everyone can afford and manage. SSL Certificates will secure all of these factors and provides a hallmark of security and reliability.

9. Be prolific in offers

The one thing that always excites the audience is none other than ‘Offers.’ Probably, no one can act blind to offers. So, it is one of the promising element that assures a massive flow of visitors. Just because of the displaying offers are not the matter, if we need to continue the flow of traffic till we get into a logjam, we’ve to update new offers to the customers.

10. User experience

How long will you wait for loading a web-page? Have you ever paused for more than a minute? Probably, the answers will be ‘Never.’ Likewise, don’t expect any tolerance from the visitors, they are be spoiled for choices. We’re just one ofbe the maybe y for them. So, make up our website always ready to show up on any device. Optimize the website in an appealing guise with lesser loading time. This will help to keep the visitors and encourages them to come back.

11. Offline responsibilities

Though the world today is revolving in a digital sphere, there are things in the real world to take in consideration. Our branding should not only be confined to the digital world; It should be present in the real world as well. So, give out all the possible loops to attract the audience when you launch an offline campaign. It can be anything from a poster to an advertisement board. It’s a linchpin to grow our brand awareness and drive traffic directly and indirectly.

The leeway’s to rocket your website traffic don’t end here, there are much evolving, and revamping knacks are there. Try out the best that suits your business and strategies, create new, add some hint of creativity also. You can taste the savor of higher traffic and conversation rate together.

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