134. Augmented Reality, Automation and Life After Move Fast and Break Things | Galit Ariel

Galit Ariel (@galitariel) is a transdisciplinary creative and strategic thinker and self-defined Digital Hippie, very focused on augmented reality and experiential tech. Her book Augmenting Alice – The Future of Identity, Experience and Reality explores the manner in which Augmented Reality’s diffusion will shift cultural and functional paradigms and redefine core concepts related to culture, space, experience and ethics. Her agency, Wondarlands, helps clients and brands shape their augmented futures, exploring immersive narratives, interaction tools, brand touch-points, and experience creation. She's an international speaker and mentor that's been featured at TED, The Next Web, SXSW, Fifteen Seconds, Slush Tokyo, IVRPA and many more. She is also a member and co-founder of a UK based think-and-do-tank connected to the Ravensbourne University Architecture research center, looking at the future of urban environments and how they might influence the human experience. You can listen right here on iTunes In today's episode we discuss: Life beyond move fast and break things How augmented reality will connect us in unexpected ways What Galit thinks about automation, jobs and more... Why Galit's worried about the lack of humanity in tech How to tackles society's biggest challenges through collective action When can you expect AR epicness and where will it come from The reason the attention economy is so destructive Why AR will trump VR and be the next major paradigm What Apple means for the future of AR Why holograms and AR are already here The reason Google Glass failed and visual AR isn't ready yet Why Galit's worried about privacy and rights going forward Make a Tax-Deductible Donation to Support The Disruptors The Disruptors is supported by the generosity of its readers and listeners. If you find our work valuable, please consider supporting us on Patreon, via Paypal or with DonorBox powered by Stripe. Donate
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