3 Of The Most Useful Smart Home Technology Tools


The Internet of Things (IoT) and specifically smart home technology can deliver a lot of convenience. They could also complicate things if you don’t know what you want to get out of new tech.

As you look through the newest home tech gadgets on the market, think about what they could bring into your life specifically. Here are 3 areas where smart home technology is making major improvements in meaningful ways.

Smart Home Camera Systems

Having a camera system at home is great, but what happens when the recorder fails? What happens when you’re not at home and no one can see the video?

The old world of security depends on limited recorders and monitors. If you pay a premium, you can be connected with security companies that can monitor trip switches and other alarms, but there’s still a bit to be desired.

The new world of home security delivers smart cameras that work with your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and they have even easier performance on desktops and laptops. Essentially, if you have a computer running major computer operating systems (Windows, Mac OSX, Android, Mac IOS), you can unlock a new world of security.

With a smart home camera system, you can check out camera footage on the go. Your mobile device becomes a command center of sorts, allowing you to change through camera views, change recording settings, and access different camera controls.

Security for the security system is of course a major concern. To prevent easy, surface-level hacking due to basic passwords and easy access, modern security systems have been updated and strengthened with additional layers of security and best practices.

Smart Home Locks And Alerts

Along with smart security cameras, you can check the status of your locks, intrusion alarms, and security sensors.

Similar to basic burglar alarms of the past, these systems give additional feedback when disturbed by an intruder. A forced door, tripped switch, or other intrusive action that crosses the alarm system can be treated like a traceable or tracked event.

For smart lock systems, you can arm and disarm your locks as needed. This is helpful when you want a friend or family member to have access to your home for emergency reasons, but either forgot to leave a key behind or would rather not hand out keys at all.

Smart home locks can be used along with traditional lock systems. Having a manual bypass is essential, and you can keep the master key on your person at all times while using the digital system doe all of your other remote lock needs.

Locks don’t have to be attached to doors and windows. Storage chests, lockers, and anything else that can be fit with a locking system can be controlled remotely as long as it maintains a connection.

Smart Home Thermostats

Have you ever left home without turning the air conditioning off?

Sometimes that’s a good thing, since it may take more power to bring the whole home back to a comfortable temperature on the hottest days or coldest nights. If you’re going on a long vacation, you’re wasting electricity that no one will benefit from except for maybe the power company.

For many power companies, they’d rather convince you to waste less energy just as much as you want to avoid the power bill.

Smart home thermostats can be controlled remotely, but their convenience doesn’t end there. With digital controls comes the ability to give more nuanced, personalized control.

With a smart thermostat system, you can set schedules of when to automatically turn the system on and off. With some of the more sophisticated systems, you can even see a trend of on and off times, power consumption, and suggestions on how to run the air conditioning or heat depending on the weather.

Your investment level will affect the number and quality of advanced features, but the basic level allows mobile device and computer control. Other features are often personal preference, but take the time to see how features such as temperature and power consumption tracking could help you stabilize your utility bills and help the environment.

There are multiple ways that smart home technology can drastically improve your life. If you need more information on customizing smart home tech to your household, contact a smart home professional to discuss available systems and their features.