4 Web Design Trends That’ll Make Waves on 2019


Web design trends play an important role in creating a website that can make a name in 2019. They can help you determine what users are expecting on a site. When visitors open a website with an old web design, they will likely leave. On the other hand, if you keep your designs trendy, you can attract more users. With this, you can rank high in search engines.

However, you need to determine which trends are the best for your site. Here are 2019 web design trends you can use this year:

  1. Mobile First Optimization

Since March 2018, Google factors in a website’s mobile version in ranking. The reason behind it is more users are using mobile phones when searching the web. However, having a mobile version for your site is not enough. To optimize your website, hire a digital marketing team to help you achieve a responsive web design Dubai.

You need to design a site that is mobile friendly as mobile users are expected to dominate the search engines in 2019. Also, a responsive web design is not just trendy, but it’s becoming a necessity.

For instance, commercial websites need a mobile-friendly web design so that they can attract more users. These mobile users can convert into customers if they had a great user experience.

Users expect a mobile-friendly site to have these characteristics:

  • Buttons that fit smaller screens and are easy to find
  • Images and text that are in the right place
  • Not needing to zoom and side scroll when using mobile devices
  1. Eye-Catching Illustrations

Adding depth and realism to illustrations are now being preferred over the traditional flat designs. These graphics are more realistic and stir the user’s imagination. When your graphic designs catch your visitors’ attention, they are more likely to continue exploring your site. Contact your trusted professional web designers from a web design company Dubai to achieve eye-catching designs on your website.

Here are some web designs with engaging illustrations:

  • Vibrant Custom Illustrations – Use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to maintain the sharpness and clarity of images on all devices.
  • Dynamic Backgrounds – 3D or video background draws immediate attention to the human eye. It entices users to learn what’s behind the moving pictures.
  • Different Geometric Shapes – Shapes other than the rectangle are being used in web designs. It enhances the overall voice of the website and helps in easy navigation as much as it catches the eyes quickly.
  1. Broken Grid Layouts

The grid or grid system is used to create layouts of newspapers as well as websites. It is an invisible skeleton where you can put different elements to create an organized design. It usually comes in a horizontal or vertical grid design. However, a structured grid system hinders your creativity. Also, its functions are limited to what the UI design tools offer.

Breaking out of the grid by using a CSS grid can create a more dynamic web design. Your creativity can provide great user experience. Moreover, you can give angles on your pages that can be viewed on various screen sizes to make your site more interesting.

Here are some examples you can break out of the grid:

  • Animation Effects – These are used to make an element stand out while engaging the users. For instance, you can hover on a page that slides smoothly depending on the movement of your mouse.
  • Layering – Overlaying images with icons or texts can give the perception of depth and separation between layers. For instance, to provide an asymmetrical feel to your homepage, overlay a contrasting colored text on the background image.
  • Parallax Scrolling – This technique creates a 3D effect that makes the background move slower than the top background. For instance, when you scroll down, the graphics move across the screen.
  1. Reader-Friendly Content

Designs can attract visitors to take a glance on your site, but words are the most important to make your visitors stay on your site. Your content will communicate to users; thereby, it is crucial to post content that can encourage them to come back or purchase your product or services.

However, a page jam-packed with words on long paragraphs without any hint of what the topic is aside from the main heading will surely discourage user, making them leave your site. Your content must be readable in ways that will not bore your visitors. To keep them reading, make an outlined content.

Here are some ways to make engaging content:

  • Make it reader friendly by featuring one idea per paragraph and keeping them short – three to four sentences per paragraph should be enough.
  • Create strong subheads to keep them interested to read throughout the entire article.
  • Use bulleted lists that readers can’t resist when providing multiple points.
  • Add relevant links that help in expanding your reader’s understanding.


Creating a website that will hook readers to your site is not that hard. As long as you know how to design your site according to what’s in, you will produce an engaging and accessible website. Therefore, it’s necessary to understand web design trends to help you be more creative in designing a web according to users’ preference.

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