5 Personality Traits Of A Successful App Builder



A successful app builder is not only knowledgeable and technically dependable but also possesses unique personality traits fit for the job. When choosing a successful app builder to help you create your dream app, it’s important to consider the personality traits of an app builder aside from educational background and experience. Considering the personality traits of an app builder will ensure a smooth communication process and ideal app operation for ultimate user experience.

Here are the personality traits of a successful app builder you need to look for when hiring one:

1. Keen

A successful app builder is observant, meticulous, and keen to details. These personality traits have something to do with tech skills. Developers like BuildFire, a leading app builder, ensure that your app is up-to-date through their technical expertise and cutting-edge tools to bring your apps visions to life. If you want a streamlined and bug-free app, you need to look for a keen app builder. Here are some tips to help you find a keen app builder:

  • An app builder should analyze user needs to be able to create engaging and functional applications that people will want to use. A good app builder makes an in-depth analysis of how people use their mobile devices. Ask questions to your prospective app builder relating to this topic; this helps in determining his level of knowledge and expertise.

  • As an app builder, a big part of the job is troubleshooting issues with applications, either on an iOS or Android platform. Choose an app builder who can recognize different technical problems (such as slow loading time on peak hours) and knows how to resolve them (for example, provides a proxy server or application dependency mapping). Ask questions about the major technical problems the app builder encountered in the past and how he managed to address them. Ask your prospective builder to narrate a past mistake and his learnings from it.

2. Imaginative

An app builder should be creative when writing a clean code to be able to create user-friendly applications that even less tech-savvy users can appreciate. A good app developer should be able to imagine how users can incorporate their mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, into their lives. By doing so, an app developer will be able to create applications that will help people complete different tasks. Being imaginative also means having an open mind.

Here are some tips to ascertain the creativity of an app builder.

  • Ask for a portfolio (such as sample apps built in the past or just recently).
  • Ask about the best features of an app based on your business (such as fast loading time and easy-to-access shopping cart for your clothing store).
  • Check the reviews or testimonials of previous clients.

3. Optimistic

An optimistic app builder has excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. A pessimistic app builder won’t be able to explain technical concepts in a clear and easy-to-understand language because of doubt, personal issues, and work issues.

Here’s how you’ll know an optimistic app builder:

  • A successful app builder gives clear instructions to employees or team members.
  • You’ll be able to engage in a friendly conversation with a good app builder who can explain the nature and objectives of an application even to non-tech-savvy team members.
  • You’re presented with multiple options (for example, he’ll let you choose a static, liquid, adaptive, or responsive page layout). You don’t get “no” or “not” as an answer. An optimistic app developer will always find a way to make your dream app a reality.

4. Dependable

App developers should be knowledgeable of the different security features and programming languages. A dependable app builder ensures that your data is safe and you have a reliable app.

Here are some pointers to remember:

  • Security is a major concern for all mobile apps, and while you’ll pay for encryptions, firewalls, and compliance, you need also need dependable app developer who will help you ensure your app’s safety and prevent data leak that can possibly leave you penalized in court.

  • Hire an app developer who has knowledge and skills in multiple programming languages. By doing so, you can depend on a highly knowledgeable app developer should you decide to make major changes on your app platform. For instance, Apple iOS developers typically use Objective-C, whereas Android developers generally use Java; your app builder should have no problem using any of these.

5. Adventurous

You need an app builder who can scale your app when it becomes successful. Scalability is a crucial aspect of any successful app. If your app is built with a single database and server, you are going to have one point of failure. This will result in poor user experience and massive data loss. An adventurous app builder uses autoscale and load balancers to ensure that minimal data is lost in worst scenarios.

Here are the other points you need to remember:

  • Most app creators forget the most important feature that an app should possess. Your app should have a way to gather feedback or to communicate with your users or consumers to iterate future versions.

  • Your app needs to have user retention features (such as push notifications and feedback loop), which are nonexistent in most applications today. An adventurous app builder can confidently explain the importance of this feature to you face to face.


For you to have a successful app, you need an app builder who possesses these five personality traits. While no app builder is perfect, having a basis on the things you need to look for aside from his educational attainment and experience is an excellent idea. You don’t want to deal with an app builder who doesn’t listen or pay attention to your suggestions or can’t confidently explain the actionable steps needed for a successful app. With the right app builder, your goal of achieving a successful app is within your reach.

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