5 Tools For Remote Workers To Ace Note Keeping


Do you still carry a notebook or diary to the office?

There are multiple instances when you need to quickly scribble a point or note down an important keyword. A notebook very well serves this purpose. However, making structured notes, SOPs, tracking TODOs etc. is tough to do with a notebook. Back in the days, people didn’t have any other choice. But now, we have some amazing apps to help you structure and modularize all your important information.

My focus in this article is on work productivity by aiding your note-taking process. I have handpicked five tools in this category that I believe do a great job. Read the commentary below each of them to know more.

Also, check out remote.tools to know about the best products made exclusively for remote teams!


A sophisticated note-taking app with a sleek design. The app is available across devices and can serve as a powerful replacement for apps like Evernote, docs amongst others. It has a highly flexible interface for taking notes & creating to-do lists and also allows organisation of tasks into tables, kanban boards, and calendar views.

Google Keep

Google Keep is available as a personal notetaking app on both Android & iOS, as a Chrome plug-in and as a web app. The app is built keeping in mind consumers and not collaboration.


Take text-only notes for almost any device of your liking with Simplenote. Can be used anywhere, anytime and is completely free with unlimited storage space.


Microsoft’s solution to all kinds of note-keeping and file types: from meeting notes to storing images, audios, videos, etc. Makes it easy to organise and search data, bringing the much-needed order to a typical workday.


Starting from a simple note-taking app, Evernote has consistently added multiple features making it a serious contender in the content collaboration category. However, it works best only for small teams which are ideating, capturing notes and where searching capabilities across various forms of media is key.



Remote.tools looks very interesting! Seems like the next Product Hunt in the making for the remote community!



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