6 Gadgets Every Young Professional Should Have



With the influx of technology, owning gadgets is an inevitable part of life. As a young professional, you must have one and carry it with you on a daily basis. Communication nowadays is dependent on the gadgets that you carry, and it can also help you keep up with a fast-paced way of life.

Here’s a checklist of devices that every young professional should have:

1. Flash drive and external hard drives

There are still many young professionals today who do not own a flash drive, or an external hard drive. It is always best for you to carry one every day, so that if you have to transfer a large data from one computer to another, you’ll have a backup storage for it.

Do refrain from relying heavily on transfer and backup softwares online such as Dropbox and iCloud, as they can also malfunction. Further, these often have a small file transfer limit, needs an internet connection, and time-consuming.

A good, old flash drive, or the best external hard drive, still does the best job.

2. Wireless earphones or headphones

Headphones are not only for those who loves listening to music. If you are a busy person, your wireless headphones can help you multitask, like answering calls while you are on the go.

Whether you are in the taxi or on the subway, or while shopping, walking, and working out, you can still answer important calls. Rather than using traditional earphones and headphones, wireless ones will also eliminate the hassle of having wires all over your bag and body.

3. Keychain device locator

You’ve all been in that situation: scavenging through your house because you’ve lost your cell phone, or coming in late for work because you could not find your house keys. No matter how organized you are, there will always be a day where you find it difficult to locate your things, and this adds up to the stress of starting your day in a bad mood.

The good news is that there are keychain device locators for sale in the market today. This device helps you locate not only your electronic devices, but even commonly lost items such as car and house keys, your wallet, credit card, and even your eyeglasses.

4. Portable smartphone charger

Yes, this may seem like an obvious choice, but there are still many young professionals out there who have put off owning a portable smartphone charger. They think that they don’t need it, as they can charge their smartphones in the work computer, or at their office cubicle.

However, it will give you an added peace of mind to walk out of your house in the morning knowing that you can charge your phone anytime, anywhere, and not have a powerless phone by the end of the day. A portable smartphone charger is quite inexpensive, so there seems to be no reason for you not to get one.

5. Brain sensing headbands

Young professionals are under a lot of stress and pressure in their careers. To add up to this stress are some of the personal problems that they may be facing with their family or loved ones.

Most young professionals also make the most out of their snack and lunch breaks to take a quick nap, to meditate, or to refresh, so that they can re-start their day and be more positive and energized throughout the afternoon.

Brain sensing headbands help you do just that. It works by studying your brainwaves while you have it on, so that it can help you meditate and relax. Depending on the time you have to rest, you can set it between three to twenty minutes. Through this gadget, you can be sure that you are really on track with your goal to relax.

6. Camera

You should be reminded that you still need a camera. Even if you have a smartphone that takes excellent photos, nothing beats the images taken by a camera.

If you are a youngster who loves to travel, eat, and take pictures, then now is the time for you to purchase an actual camera instead of relying on your phone’s camera and its editing functions. If you aren’t that kind of person who is up for adventures, a classic GoPro still works better than your smartphone on a selfie stick.


This guide will also help you in deciding which gadget is worth it. If you are looking forward to buy one, do it after your next payday. Because devices can also tend to be quite expensive, it will be a huge help for you to have a guide as to which investment to make. These gadgets will not only help you for recreational purposes, it will assist you in your career goals and day-to-day life.