7 Online Marketing Tools You Can Invest On


No online brand can survive the ranking competition until they use some digital marketing tactics. If a small-scale business or a startup digital brand needs anything else more than that, then there are some online marketing tools for free that you can always use.

Always remember one thing that if you are investing your time and money in digital marketing, then it should wield you an ROI triple than that. For now, let’s look at the free tools:

1. Social Mention

Social media presence is equally important to online presence. If oyu are in social media, chances are that you are also going to be there on the internet. And that is what brings us to our first online marketing tool.

Social Mention helps you to keep an eye on the four important pillars of your website and they are as follows:

  • Metrics

  • Strength to the site

  • Reach of the site to maximum prospects

  • Passion to go ahead and be more popular.


IFTTT is your helpline while conducting any operation. It helps you in instigating targeted networks. With the unlimited power integrating with every social media platform. This tool can work in many formats. It is a free web-based service where you can use the applets according to your needs.

3. Google Alerts

Google alerts is possibly the best tool where you can make a calendar of your posts. This tool is great for discovering new social media platforms for you to expire. You can upload any post on its relative day and date from this app.

It has successfully helped many digital marketing campaigns. Therefore, it is considered as one of the most important online marketing tools.

4. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is specifically for startups and small-scale businesses. The fees are limited and on top of that it also provides you with advanced features such as influencers list and monitoring on several other promotion activities, which is surely to wield you more and more traffic.

Not only that, the tool is efficient in giving insights about the changing marketing trends which allows you to stay ahead of the competition. When it comes to online marketing tools, Buzzsumo gives pretty good services in just $99 per month.

5. Canva

How could one forget canva, when it is about starting your own blog for the very first time? Canva is your playmate. It is an open site where you can get unlimited templates for free. These templates contain different sections of graphics which you need for your online marketing campaign, such as infographics, banners, posters, and many more.

The main fun about canva is that, you can even customize the templates according to your needs. Although there is an ample collection of free templates, you can get more templates if you upgrade it to the premium version. Premium version is paid.

6. SEO: Ahrefs

A marketer needs content marketing to promote a brand, but the need for SEO is much more. It is because content marketing would not actually exist if there were no search engine optimization.

Therefore, Ahrefs, is one of those online marketing tools, which not only gives you accurate data on your marketing progresses, but it also provides with some suggestions. Afrefs mainly provides SEO solutions to the small-scale businesses according to their current SEO needs.

There are many sections of Ahrefs. While one offers you to do keyword research, the other allows you to measure backlink, social media metrics, analyze and explore trending content and so on.

7. Buffer

This online marketing tool is perfect for social media automation. With the help of this tool, you can do many things. Such as, scheduling updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

It has got an user friendly browser extension, mobile app, calendar, shortening links and other features, which makes it perfect for planning your social media campaign. It also provides you with social analytics.

So these are some of the best online marketing tools you need to start on with. These tools are initially free for a trial period, and once you start getting profit from it. You can very well, switch on to the premium version for more features.