7 Unbelievable Ways To Reuse Custom Shipping Boxes



There are so many uses of boxes these days it’s just mind-blowing. There are so many different types of boxes from big ones to small ones. One thing most boxes have in common is the interesting and unique packaging.

Packaging plays an important role in any business big or small, it is crucial to make your packaging interesting for your consumers to stay in the loop. Speaking of interesting packaging, a great way to make your packaging standout will be through resorting to customized boxes. If you are running a business in today’s day and age, you will need custom shipping boxes. These boxes are unique and trendy, they will make your business stand out as a whole.

Reusing items that you have been using or used previously can be good for the environment if used in certain ways. Or you can reuse them to benefit you and help clear that file of boxes you have lying around in the storage room!

Fire Logs

This is a good reuse of cardboard if you have a fire pit, go camping a lot or just have a fireplace and need a fire starter when you don’t have lighter fluid or other fire starting products. To make this cool, and a really helpful fire starts all you need is some cardboard and some thick thread, twine or any product to hold this fire log when we fold it. You can use plastic zip ties too!

Grab a piece of cardboard, flatten it or cut each side to leave behind a flat piece of cardboard, moisten it up, do NOT wet it to the point where it’s not able to fold properly and NOT break. Just a little bit of water to make it easier to fold. After folding, wrap each end of the custom boxes that are now folded, with twine, zip ties. After that let dry in the sun for a day, and there you have it! Your cheap fire starter!

Cat House!

Have a feline friend with you that needs shelter to stay the night at? Make a condo for it from a box! Get a large enough to fit 2 times the size of your cat for extra comfort for the cat. There are many styles and types of boxes for your kitten or cat, we will be talking about a custom build house or condo for your cat.

First off draw a hole of the front side of the box where you want the hole for your cat to go through with a marker, and use a box cutter or any sharp blade to cut a hole. Then, place a cushion or pillow or bed for the cat on the bottom of the box and make sure it is comfortable and achieving cat standards. Tape, glue or staple the top and bottom flaps of the box

Maze for Children!

If you order custom boxes online and have spares or just have leftover large boxes from previous things you bought online or from the stores, you can build your kids a fort, why let the cat have all the fun right? All you need is some 4 sided slid-on plastic clamps and cardboard boxes that are at least 5 feet, of course, the height of the box should be higher than the height of your child. Just cut each side of the cardboard so you’re left with long and flat pieces of cardboard, stand the piece of the cardboard you’re working with upright, and attach a plastic sliding clamp onto it. Now do the same thing over and over again until you have a huge maze!

Storage Divider

Just cut your box in half and make 4 inch wide strips from the leftover piece. Now cut them into widthwise pieces and glue them down onto the box. And decorate the outside of the box if necessary.

Use It In The Garden!

If you have a plant and want a temporary DIY plant holder, you can use the custom shipping packaging that has been laying around after you brought it from the custom shipping packaging company. First of all, line the inside with waterproof coating spray and cover the outside with plastic coating. Now add soil in the middle of the box along with the seed or plant you want to grow there. You can also reuse old newspaper to make fertilizer.

Increase Its Shipping Mileage!

If you can to send something to someone, you can reuse the wholesale printed packaging you have left over. You can just about get that box happy. Maybe. Just make sure the box Is still study and is not decaying. I’m sure the packaging transportation company will let you bring your own box and hey, you can save some money doing that too and reusing it!

A Substitute to a Canvas

Let that inner inspiration through on a piece of cardboard, since buying even a single canvas is quite expensive. Cardboard can hold up pretty well against water paints, spray paints and many other wet things.

Purchasing boxes

A great way to purchase boxes will be through buying in bulks as wholesale purchases have been every businessman’s secret since there are cheap and reliable. There are many perks of buying boxes from wholesale sellers like customizations and alterations. You will have the freedom to change the shape, the size, the color and the material of the box.