7 ways to grow surplus business cash



Businesses are usually strapped for cash. However, if you are one of the few cash-rich businesses, you need to think about growing your cash beyond the meagre interest offered by your bank. You need to think about ways you can use the surplus cash to grow your money. Here are 7 Things you can do with the extra cash you have in your Business.

  1. P2P Lending

If you are looking for higher returns than traditional bank interest rates, websites like Zopa, Funding Circle and Ratesetter can let you earn up to 7%. However, you need to beware of the risks that come with P2P Lending before parting ways with your cash. Especially with Brexit around the corner. Having a good Accountant assess the risks for you and report on the ROI could be one of the ways you could mitigate your risks.

  1. Diversification

If you have always wanted to expand your business by diversifying into other ventures, why not loan some cash to another one of your business with good payment terms? Or you can invest in a hobby that you can develop and take to the next level; loan payments could also mean setting good interest terms between businesses, which could mean extra income for the lender.

  1. Extract Profits and Invest in EIS/SEIS Schemes

You could also take the extra cash from your business and invest it within an approved SEIS/EIS business. A few good places where you can find businesses to invest under these schemes are Seedrs, Crowdfunding, etc. You get most of your investment back in the form of tax relief. The gains from selling the shares are also exempt from capital gains tax and you also get relief if the business in which you have invested fails. Ask us how we can help your business become eligible for SEIS/EIS.

  1. Invest in Crypto Currencies or ICO’s

If you know a bit about ICO’s or Blockchain currencies you can create an investment portfolio to make some return of these investments, ICO’s can be tricky and very risky. It would be a good idea to do your research before you make any investments.

  1. Invest in Property

As a business with cash, you can look at financing your own commercial or residential property. You can get out of the vicious rental cycle and purchase your own office, or mortgage a residential property which can be let out to make money.

  1. Invest in Growth

Why not use the extra money to grow your business? One way you can do that is by reinvesting the extra money within the business, invest in your company’s marketing strategy by focusing on the digital presence of the business using things like SEO. Search Engine Optimization can help with improving the organic presence of the business online, resulting in long term growth. You can also look at getting some extra clients by doing some paid advertising. Hiring a business developer could also mean growing the business faster by having a specialist on board. Read how Monster thinks hiring can help you grow your business.

  1. Pension Pot

Investing in a pension pot can be highly advantageous and can make your savings grow rapidly, as pension contributions also provide tax relief. A pension will basically be your long-term savings plan with tax relief. Generally, you can access the money in your pension pot from the age of 55.

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