A complete VoIP phone services guide for small businesses


VoIP Phone services offer a lot of benefits to small businesses so that they can thrive and grow their operational efficiency. VoIP services can lower communication expenses, simplify the call routing, unify channels and much more. In this article we will discuss the reasons why small business is should get VoIP services among other office phones systems .

VoIP phone system is cost efficient

The sole purpose behind the creation of VoIP was its ability to take away the expensive cable connections in the business telephony. To install a VoIP phone system, all you need is a broadband connection, a computer, a router which will act as your PBX server, the software and IP phone. This is not just simple, but it is very easy to manage. VoIP further minimises the cost of implementation and maintenance. Besides, VoIP phone systems allow you to use your existing equipment instead of buying a new one. You just have to ensure that the product which you buy is compatible with your hardware.

Improved operational mobility

If you and your employees are always working on the go then employing VoIP as small office telephone system is best for you. This software only needs internet access and a device through which you can manage all your calls and messages, respond to IM, conduct video calls and handle all your important business work while you are on the go. VoIP phone system are completely mobile ready. This means that you can make use of complete capabilities of the program through your smartphone.

Simplifies communication

Currently there are a lot of communication channels which you can use for your business. Whether it is for phone calls, instant messaging, video chat, fax or email. It is important that you give your clients the option of contacting you using whichever mean they prefer. With VoIP phone system you can accommodate all the options and simplify them as well.

Maintenance is simple

VoIP phone system are usually low maintenance. Majority of providers include service expenses in their rates and offer you the assistant that you need to keep the program up and running continuously. This way you do not need to have a technical expert for repairing, troubleshooting and other maintenance problems.


Valuable businesses information passes through phone systems every day. Thus, it is important to make sure that your communication channel is protected from any prying eyes. With VoIP phone system you can be sure that you are facilitating conversations in a secure and safe platform.

What features should a small business look for in a VoIP phone system?

Automatic attendant

Not every small business can afford to hire receptionists. To make sure that all your business calls are directed to the right agent having an automated attendant is very helpful. And an auto attendant feature can allow users to accept, queue and route phone calls and messages to the proper extension.


Talking to two or more individuals at the same time can get complicated. Thus, conferencing is a helpful tool. This tool allows businesses to conduct audio and video calls with many people simultaneously. With this tool you can talk to different internal and external participant on a single platform. You can even share your photos, documents, audios, videos and any other files as you are conversing.

Mobile ready interface

If a Small business has limited staff, then it is important to maximise employees in a way that each employee can take care of multiple aspects of their operations. In this case having a mobile ready interface is crucial. This can allow businesses to use different functions of VoIP phone application in their tablets, desktop and smartphones. By doing so businesses can manage and track incoming calls and messages easily no matter where they are.

Business call history

There are all kinds of information which a person can get by monitoring messages and calls that pass through their VoIP phone system. To crack the data a call history feature is required. Because by getting the information in right hands you can determine easily how to adjust your communication strategies.

Voicemail to email transcription

Through this feature businesses can automatically transcribe voicemails to emails. Further this feature allows you to organise, file, delete and search voicemails without needing to spend time listening to every message.

Find me/follow me

A Lot of small business owners do not have the liberty of staying in the offices. Often, they go to different meetings and visit suppliers. To make sure that you can, get all the incoming calls you can use the find me follow me feature. This feature allows you to program the software to reach you through different numbers like your home phone or cell phone number.

In conclusion, having a VoIP phone system for small business can be a game changer for effective communication with customers and teammates.