Advancement Via Access to Technology

More people having access to technology and what it can do for their income is the topic of this episode of The AI Minute.

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There’s a popular perception that technologies like artificial intelligence are going to boost the productivity of the “high skilled” worker but not so much the “low-skilled” one. I do not hold this view. In fact, it’s far from obvious to me. If you go back a century or two when most trades actually had lots tools of some kind, lawyers had shelves of books and machinists had their tools and doctors had their tools and all of the rest. Tools were generally, relatively expensive. They were often, by the way, exempted from bankruptcy laws and those expensive tools, by and large, made a barrier to entry in that field. The interesting thing about digital technology is it has the potential to be virtually free. A smartphone with AI can empower someone with very little in the way of disposable income to buy tools of the trade. Just using the power of digital technology they can increase their productivity and learn and develop new ways to earn a living. Potentially multiplying their output many more times than other people.

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