Advantages Of ITIL Certification


Advantages of ITIL certification

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is an approach of IT Service Management which is widely accepted in organizations all around the globe. The ITIL framework is designed to help organizations manage risks, increase customer relations, establish cost-effective methods and build a stable IT environment for growth and change. These practices are flexible and scalable and can also be adapted easily to work in association with other practices.

ITIL was originally released as a series of books each covering a different module. These modules enable practitioners to not only adapt the IT service infrastructures but also prepare for further changes in the future. This can help to promote sustainable productivity for organizations and build a better, more genuine experience for customers.

Here are a few reasons why one should consider getting an ITIL certification:

  1. It is globally recognized: The major advantage of the ITIL certification is that these practices are used in every industry that depends on IT services globally. More than 10,000 organizations have adopted this framework. As an ITIL certified professional, one has immense job growth in this field as the demand for such professionals is increasing every day.

  2. Gain knowledge and credibility: Get acknowledged for your expertise both inside and outside the organization. Standout from the crowd and your uncertified counterparts with your experience in the ITIL methodology.

  3. A unique skill set: ITIL certification has five levels each of which shows the different levels of knowledge of the material:

Foundation – This is an entry-level course that provides an overview of the general elements, concepts, and terminology used in various ITIL Service lifecycle stages.
Practitioner – It concentrates on how to start accommodating and adopting the framework in daily circumstances.
Intermediate – This stage focuses on various sub-stages that take a different strategy to IT Service Management by operating more in-depth than the earlier levels of certification and is also considered as global eligibility for several IT roles.
Expert – This stage is recognized as a highly valued certification for knowledge and best practices of ITIL.
Master – The final certification stage shows a comprehensive understanding of the various ITIL methods, techniques, and principles. Attaining this certification will prove your best and worthy in your area of expertise.
4. Higher job opportunities: ITIL certification anchors a universal benchmark for service management skills and qualifications. Top global service providers acknowledge ITIL certification as a necessity for service management experts. Hence, the job opportunities for certificate holders are higher.

  1. Flexibility: The knowledge and understanding of the whole IT infrastructure increases which makes it valuable and helps you gain more flexibility. With the higher certification level, one has a wide range of opportunities as there are various job positions.

  2. Better Return on Investment: Professionals with ITIL certification are in demand as those individuals would be the best investment. The immense knowledge of the various methods used in the IT service lifecycle helps the professionals to work efficiently which leads to customer satisfaction. The new ideas and strategies developed can save unnecessary costs.

  3. Stand out amongst the rest: Achieving an ITIL certification gives you an evident advantage above other applicants during a job interview. It proves you are extremely proficient and trained in the industry’s best methods. It also aids in authenticating your proven expertise to provide assistance and deliver IT Services.

  4. Well-Versed with the common language: This is one of the most visible benefits of ITIL certification. It will help you become more skilled with the terminology that is commonly used in IT services. Knowing such languages also helps you to be innovative and come up with new ideas, and build new approaches for the complete organization.


ITIL is used all over the world and in many leading industries. Some internationally known organizations include NASA, HBSC, and IBM. An ITIL certification might be a lengthy process, but it is worth investing. The certification not only sets a brand-new path for your career in a different direction it also sets it for your organization.