After 23 years of dominance, most websites are no longer served by Microsoft or Apache

It’s official. For the second month in a row NGINX has surpassed Apache and Microsoft to take the number one spot and now serves the greatest number of websites around the world.

NGINX took the lead from Apache in April 2019, taking its total web server market share to 27.52% - leaving Apache with 26.73% and Microsoft 25.05%. Not bad for a company with less than 0.5% the revenue of Apache and 0.17% of Microsoft. May’s Netcraft web server report also revealed that April was no anomaly. The opposite, in fact – NGINX increased its market share to 29.20%, while Microsoft slid down to 18.88%.

Open source has played a critical role in NGINX overtaking Microsoft and Apache. NGINX’s CEO, Gus Robertson, commented: “Open source is a huge driver of software innovation and powers the most compelling applications and digital services on the planet. Our goal is that NGINX Open source continues to be the most powerful and flexible web server, reverse proxy, and content cache available.

“In 2018 alone, NGINX delivered key new features in 32 open source releases and we’re not stopping there. Our plan for 2019 is to accelerate open source development with even more capabilities. We expect to make 30+ releases of open source software.”

F5’s recent acquisition of NGINX is set to further strengthen NGINX’s market share.

“It really is an exciting time here in the NGINX business unit. The technology, people, brand, and community are thriving. We have the corporate backing and shared vision of F5. And make no mistake about it: F5 is committed to keeping the NGINX brand and open source technology alive. Without this commitment, the deal wouldn’t have happened for either side.

“We have the freedom and additional resources to build new and innovative products that will accelerate the modernisation of existing applications as well as development of new applications.”